Meet the team: Ksenia
June 29th, 2022

Hey, Ksenia, nice to have you here today! Tell our audience a bit about what you do in Oaziz!

I deal with operations and product management. I structure all internal processes and turn chaos into a system so that everything works and essential information is always at hand.

For the product, I figure out how to implement all the features and ideas in a user-friendly way, think over scenarios, and make mockups that Arsen turns into beautiful interfaces. And then I pass them on to development. And I'm also the landlady of our Discord :)

Why did you decide to join the project?

I started my way with blockchain technologies and crypto in 2017. Before Oaziz, I was a member of the BlockShow team for about two years. I love this industry and the idea of ​​decentralized communities, freedom from corporations, and state borders. I am sure this is the future, and by working for a decentralized economy, I plan to bring this future closer! Well, I just really like the values ​​of the DAO.

What do you like most about the Oaziz?

What we are doing here has no analogs. By creating an Oaziz, we open up more opportunities for creating new types of events - DAO events, which the participants manage themselves. It is very inspiring for me.

A few words about your hobbies?

Traveling. I like to explore the world around me and immerse myself in other cultures. I've been a digital nomad for three years now. Not based anywhere - I live in different countries all the time.

Series - if you heard that a new one was released on Netflix, most likely I have already watched it :)

I also love cats and yoga :)

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