Oaziz DAO: Season 6 review
June 27th, 2022

This season has been very eventful for our project. So, let's start our short trip to the Oaziz DAO backstage without further interruption.


Ivica and Amar continue to work on a new fantastic product. We all know that development is hard work. But shortly we will be able to please you with excellent results. Oaziz is a mature ecosystem that is starting to take shape. And our development team is constantly working on these key elements of the future of Oaziz ecosystem. 

This season we had one more important achivement: ERC 725 standard implementation for non-transferable decentralized digital identity tokens. With ERC 725 standard, users can own and manage their identity instead of ceding ownership of identity to centralized organizations. Decentralized digital identity is a huge step ahead. All of us have seen the adverse effects of having a centralized identity, damaging leaks, and an unfair selling of user data and identity. DiD is a promising trend that will definitely be widely used in the future.


Ksenia and Arsen did a fantastic job in Oaziz DAO interface development. And it is impossible to resist an urge to share some of the results with you. 

We have pretty good progress with the user profile interface that has already been transferred to the development team. 

Also, Oaziz new product was fully designed and we’ll be glad to show it to you shotly. So keep

Event creation scenario is also still being developed by UI/UX team cause it's difficult to make such a complex process simple and convenient for the user. But nothing is impossible for our designers :)


This season, marketing was highly fruitful. We held incredible Twitter spaces our friends. Highstreet, MEE6 NFT, lil bubble and other widely recognized Web3 enthusiasts and experts. We had a great conversation about communities and their role in the project. And I hope you already know that in Oaziz we believe that community is the heart of the project. 

Do not despair if you missed it - we are preparing more events, with more star guests to discuss pressing issues and hot topics of the industry. 

Also, if you missed our lovely Ottomakan (of course you did, we know) - there is some good news for you. Nothing in the Oaziz happens without him, so get ready for another meeting with Otto. And we're sure you'll love it!

We're preparing a new story about Otto in an all-new format. So stay tuned to be among the first to see it!

Thank you all for this busy season; we can't wait to bring you new features again!

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