Oaziz DAO introduces levels and achievements system
June 1st, 2022

Hello, my dear frens! Looks like you don't even think about how much you do for our team. Every proposal, message, and even reaction to the post is essential for us. So to diversify your chatting routine, we decided to create a new achievements and levels system! 

Long story short: community members get "Experience" for actions on our Discord. The more experience you have, the higher level you get. Start this journey with the "novice" level, and we'll see how far you can go. Score more experience to become an Oaziz Legend! 

We also added the Achievements rewards for being successful at specific actions!

Be careful because some activities have a day, week, or month time limit. Now you can check the activities you can do to accumulate more experience below!

We won't spill all the beans today :)
We won't spill all the beans today :)

Follow our updates for more details. All the levels and achievements will be integrated into Oaziz DAO level system. Btw don't forget - we always value and cherish our community, so when it comes to bonuses and rewards - the most loyal and active will get a priority. 

The calculation of your experience starts today!
You can already begin drawing memes and collecting a list of friends you will invite to our cozy community.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have, and let the hunt begin!

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