Join Oaziz DAO at Cointelegraph Twitter Spaces on April 5th, 10.30 am ET to celebrate the launch of our NFT Drop
April 4th, 2022

Oaziz DAO, Cointelegraph team, BlockShow DAO, award-winning artist Yiying Lu and others will talk about the first BlockShow NFT drop during Twitter Spaces on Wednesday.

Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and award-winning artist Yiying Lu announce exclusive NFT drop
Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and award-winning artist Yiying Lu announce exclusive NFT drop

Besides announcing an NFT drop during the Twitter Spaces, we'll talk about DAOs, NFTs, Metaverses and other trending topics of the Web3 world with invited guests.

Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and Yiying Lu will announce the launch of a limited NFT collection - New Kids On The Block. It consists of mystery boxes with NFTs of different rarity, privileges at BlockShow and Oaziz DAOs and upcoming BlockShow festival tickets.

More information will be announced during the Twitter Spaces.

**When?**10:30 am ET

Where?Cointelegraph Twitter Spaces

Who will be there?

📰 Cointelegraph team

🌍 Addy Crezee - Founder & CEO of BlockShow
👩‍🎨 Yiying Lu - award-winning artist and a creator of the art pieces
🖼 Team of NFT marketplace Makersplace

In addition, more exciting guests will join us to talk about DAOs, NFTs and Metaverses: CEO of the Highstreet metaverse, NFT artist VESA, cringe crypto musician and NFT artist Lil Bubble, member of the first professional football DAO Co92DAO Gabriel Yang, music NFT artist Dyl and many more!

If you can’t wait for the announcement, join our Discord and BlockShow DAO Discord and ask your questions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn everything about the new collection and be among the first to obtain limited NFTs from Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO & Yiying Lu.

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