Time to claim your BlockShow tickets!
May 31st, 2022

During the New Kids On the Block NFT sale, we announced BlockShow ticket draw among the NFT holders. Now, we finally have a list of 43 lucky winners!

Please check your email inboxes: all winners have received letters from us.

If you're the lucky one, here’s how you get your ticket:

  • Find a letter from Makersplace in your mail
  • Fill out a short Google form
  • Go to the claim page
  • Connect your Metamask wallet (your network will be changed automatically to Polygon, as it’s faster and more environment-friendly. Otto loves his Oaziz and protects it from global warming).
  • Visit our Discord and brag about how lucky you are :)

If you need any help - reach out to us in Discord or via email hi@blockshow.com.

Thanks to all participants. Join us, be active, and help to develop Oaziz. In the DAO, every effort will be rewarded!


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