Oaziz DAO: 2nd season review

Time's flying and yet another Oaziz DAO season has passed. It was very fruitful and intense.

We've managed to:

Apply the first use case

This season Oaziz onboarded the first customer - BlockShow DAO (powered by Cointelegraph. An iconic crypto festival BlockShow transforms into a DAO, and we're proud to announce our partnership.

Release our pitch deck

Peter and Addy created the concept, Ksenia managed to work with a freelance designer and boom - the pitch deck is ready! It was already sent to our potential backers. 

Finish our Tokenomics

After lengthy discussions and tedious work, Denis, Peter, Addy and Tony prepared  Oaziz DAO tokenomics. DAO fund, partnerships, community engagement, rewards pool - everything is counted in and thoroughly calculated.

Announce our first NFT drop

New Kids On the Block is the first NFT collection created and launch thanks to the cooperation of Oaziz DAO, BlockShow DAO and award-winning artist Yiying Lu. The sale started on Makersplace. Trust me - you don’t want to miss it. Check collection on Makersplace!

Create a UI design concept

Nataly and her team created a lovely concept for Oaziz UI.Can’t wait to share it with you! Timeless values in a modern shell - that’s what can be said about Oaziz.

Setup the MVP development environment

Ivica and the development team did a great job on the technical part of our project. Every engineer will receive an invite to participate in development through GitHub. The repository contains the source code to test and build the system. It also contains a README document that outlines the development process and allows a smooth boarding experience for OAZIZ.

Looking at the results of this season, we're proud of the work done by our team. Thank you for being with us! 

Follow our social media and wait for further announcements. There's much more to come!

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