6 basic rules to keep your assets safe

Scams have accompanied digital assets since the early days of their invention. And most users are well aware of the security rules. However, every day we read news about new attacks. Therefore, we take this chance to remind you of a few basic rules.

Check where you connect the wallet.

Dubious sites that promise an instant airdrop of expensive NFTs or other assets will most likely just do everything to ensure that there are no valuables left in your wallet.

Check all the links

Never give your wallet's keys on pop-ups or suspicious websites. Instead, always go directly to verified websites for crypto transactions, and never use links, pop-ups, or your email to enter your wallet's key information.

NFT phishing scams involve phony advertisements through fake websites and pop-ups asking for users' private wallet keys or 12-word security seed phrases. 

Who’s writing you?

Most of the project participants will never DM you and will never ask for any funds. They have much more stuff to do. Always double-check a team member through the official chat or channel. It takes a few seconds but will help you secure your funds.

Stay away from pumps-and-dumps.

Pump-and-dump schemes are when a group buys up assets, thus artificially driving demand up. Unsuspecting investors believing that the assets have some value will join the auction and start bidding more. Once the bids go up, the scammers will sell off the assets for a profit leaving buyers with useless assets.

Cold wallet

There is a simple rule: not your keys - not your coins. Storing assets on the exchange is much more convenient and profitable, but at any time, it may turn out that your assets no longer belong to you. 

Be suspicious

If you are familiar with cryptocurrencies well enough, then you know that easy money in crypto is a myth. Most projects with exorbitant profitability bring profit only to their organizers. The lack of public information about the team, intelligible mechanics, and overly lucrative offers can serve as a signal that the project needs to be checked more carefully before investing.


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