Oaziz DAO: Season 5 review
June 1st, 2022

Oaziz DAO development is moving forward slowly, but surely. Our product is getting new features, its structure is taking on new forms, and we are getting closer to reaching crucial milestones.

To keep up the old tradition, let's start with development news.


Ivica, Amar and Tony have finished up the claiming page for BlockShow NFT tickets. Completed our smart contract, as well as finished the distribution and claiming functionality. So now we can mint and distribute tickets, while users can easily claim them with their wallets. The first public event will be the branding of BlockShow tickets for the draw winners among the New Kids On the Block holders. However, NFT minting and claiming will play an essential role in our product since memberships, tickets, token distribution, and other important features will be implemented with the help of NFT. So the launch of this functionality was a significant step for us.

In addition to this achievement, the development team has been working on a roadmap for a very cool product from our team. So, very soon, Oaziz will be replenished with new features that will blow your mind.**


We faced practical difficulties with  UI / UX, but now Ksenia and Arsen are working on UI of the next product our dev team is preparing for you. Also, we have some excellent results - during this season, NFT minting and claim page and user profile interface were implemented.

The interface of the NFT ticket claim page. Isn't it nice?
The interface of the NFT ticket claim page. Isn't it nice?

Of course, there is still a lot of work on this part, but we hope to reach for the stars very soon.


This season marketing is a bonus part. We are happy to announce that the ranks&levels system is now available on the Oaziz Discord server! So be active, propose, contribute and become an Oaziz Legend!


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