Oaziz DAO NFT Ticketing Metaverse Presentation + Registration Form inside
Oaziz DAO
September 10th, 2022

Let’s be honest - no one likes Mondays. But we know how to make your Monday much better - visit Oaziz DAO NFT TIcketing Presentation in Spatial!

  • Live session with Oaziz team

  • NFT gallery

  • Free NFTs for event visitors

  • And much more!

Our team has been working on this product for a pretty long time. There were a lot of meetings, discussions, tons of work, and the heart and soul invested into this product.
Oaziz DAO NFT Ticketing is ready, and we'll be happy to present it to you!

Monday, Sep 12

Spatial metaverse

How to enter?
Fill out the form and wait for the invitation link!

Registration form

The event space will be divided into several rooms. All the visitors who'll manage to enter the main presentation room will get Oaziz DAO Premium NFT as a reward, so don’t forget to follow our announcements!

Also, we'll give away 58 NFTs to all the visitors.

We'll give you more instructions on setting up a Spatial account and visiting our event soon!

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