March 21st, 2022

We are Cotton Candy Records and we are seeking to raise 35 ETH to fund one of the first major Web3 Record Labels.

Platinum: 1 of 1 Auction (2 ETH Reserve)

  • Gold: 0/15 (.5 ETH)
  • Silver: 0/300 (.1 ETH)



2 tickets to all Pip and Cotton Candy Records signees headlining shows for life

Signed Cotton Candy Skies EP Vinyl

2 votes per team decisions (topic subject to Pip Music)

2 raffle tickets per raffle

1 free item from Pip Merch Drops


One ticket/year to all Pip and Cotton Candy Records signees headlining shows for life

1 vote per team decisions (topic subject to Pip Music)

1 raffle ticket per raffle

50% off merchandise


After raising the initial capital required, and successfully launching the Cotton Candy Skies EP NFT project on May 27th, we will launch Cotton Candy Records in June 2022, an “on-chain” record label. Cotton Candy Records will be signing Pip’s closest collaborators and some of the best up-and coming talent in the music industry, in an effort to launch their careers “on-chain”.

The rollout of the Cotton Candy Records roster will begin post Pip’s debut EP launch in NYC on May 27th.


Until 2020, my entire life was dedicated to sports — specifically a love for the game of baseball. From an early age I always had a bat or glove in my hand. While I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to play at the D1 level, I was unable to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming a professional athlete. Fortunately, I found a new love; music.

Early on in my college baseball career, I discovered a passion for music. I immediately began to teach myself how to play the piano, acoustic guitar, and sing. Being able to express myself through something other than sports was something I hadn’t experienced in my life before. As time went on, I realized music was my true calling. My skills seemed to develop and progress with ease; it just felt right. When I started receiving positive feedback and encouragement from friends, teammates, and even total strangers on social media, I knew this is what I was meant to do.

Upon graduating, I landed my first interview for a job in New York City, while dedicating all spare time to my true calling; music. As I was brushing my teeth that morning, ready to go to my interview, I stood there looking into the mirror. I felt sick. I felt sick because I knew that this wasn't the life I was meant to live. I went to that interview, and when I got home that day, I decided to go all in and commit to a career as an artist.

After making my commitment to music, I quickly found a team of incredibly talented producers and songwriters to support in bringing my art and story to life. Soon after releasing my debut single 2:22 with my closest collaborator, DJ, and Producer 2AM at the end of 2020, I was officially on the map.


I came across crypto, blockchain tech, and NFT’s in 2020 when I saw a family friend publish content regarding the space. Being new to the crypto space, I then performed my own research, quickly realizing the rise in crypto, blockchain tech, and NFTs could change the music industry forever. I immediately had a million questions. How does this technology work? How can this translate to the music industry? How can I leverage crypto as an artist and creator? How can fans support their favorite artists through NFTs? Two years later, I found the answers I was looking for. The idea for Cotton Candy Skies was born.

Cotton Candy Skies - The Launch

Build a sustainable and long-lasting career in the music industry through the blockchain

Maintain majority ownership rights of original created musical works

Tap into new demographics and build my audience

Allow me to pay friends & collaborators that believe and partake in my creative journey

Create a connected community drive brand through my music

Be a pioneer within an untapped NFT and Blockchain Music market

Cotton Candy Skies EP

Cotton Candy Skies is a music project that is reflective, nostalgic, and takes a look forward. No matter who you are in this world, all it takes is one beautiful sunset to take your breath away; slow down time for just a moment. That moment, has a way of inspiring us to follow our passions or create something new in our lives. It detaches us from reality and takes us to a place where anything is possible.

I decided to create my very own sunset. My debut EP, Cotton Candy Skies.

Track List: Cotton Candy Skies, Monaco, Remember the Days, Elvis Presley, Cinderella Man, High on Life, 2:22 (ft. 2AM) Just Like the Movies (ft. EMME)

With your support, my team and I will be able to share this body of work with the world

Members Only Site Access + Backstage Pass NFT Tiers

To participate in our journey, interested parties can collect one or multiple NFT’s up until the allotted cap; allowing them to gain immediate access to an exclusive members only platform; (see below)

All ETH contributed to the purchase of each NFT will be used toward all expenses of creating the Cotton Candy Skies EP music project. Inclusive of studio recordings, marketing, promotion, and the Cotton Candy Skies EP, NFT drop.

What is ?

Members only site; access through purchase of Backstage Pass NFT

Exclusive Artist Page

Early Access To Unreleased Music

Tune-in to live production & songwriting sessions

Direct streaming of live performances

Virtual discussions with Pip & team

BTS video content, covers, remixes, etc.

Visibility into blueprints

Members Only Shop

Original project stems

Early Access to mint NFTs pre-release

Limited-time merchandise drops

Member Community

Live chat with Backstage Pass NFT holders


Access to exclusive section in Discord

Ability to vote on selected Team Decisions in Discord

NFT Airdrops

Automatic whitelist into all Pip & Team related music projects


(In addition to + utility)


3 tickets to all Pip and Cotton Candy Records signees headlining concerts for life

Signed Cotton Candy Skies EP Vinyl

3 votes per team decisions (topic subject to Pip Music)

5 raffle tickets per raffle - *prizes listed below

3 free items from Pip Merch Drops


2 tickets to all Pip and Cotton Candy Records signees headlining concerts for lifeSigned Cotton Candy Skies EP Vinyl

1 vote per team decisions (topic subject to Pip Music)

3 raffle tickets per raffle - *prizes listed below

1 free item from Pip Merch Drops


1 free ticket/year to all Pip and Cotton Candy Records signees headlining concerts for life

50% off first item purchase from Pip Merch Drops

1 raffle ticket per raffle/holder - *prizes listed below


In-person “Green Room” hangout with Pip

Access to Sound Check (raffle winner +1)

After-Show Tour Bus Hangout

Songwriting or Production Lesson From Pip & Team

Meet & Greet with Pip


Tickets to other concerts

Rounds of golf with Pip


Production + Writing - $15,000

Studio Time - $5,000

Mix + Master - $5,000

Full-Time Videographer + Editor- $10,000

Photoshoots - $1,000.00

Travel and Other operating Expenses - $15,000

Marketing Budget:

Marketing Services - $25,000

PR Services - $6,000

Discord Server + Moderators - $4,000

Blockchain Consulting - $5,000

Website Design + Management - $2,000

Graphic Design - $2,000

Digital Artist & Design - $5,000

A one-time collection of 5,000 unique NFTs that revolve around the Cotton Candy Skies EP and the team of producers, songwriters, and artists that Pip collaborated with to help launch the Cotton Candy Skies EP.


Imagine back in 2006 NFTs were a thing, and it was consumer friendly enough to the point where every artist sold a few, and every fan or investor could buy one. Let’s say you happened to be scrolling through YouTube and came across a young kid who was playing guitar and singing a cover that absolutely blew you away. You thought to yourself, “This kid is going to be big one day, let me buy one of his NFTs.” 16 years later you own one of the first NFTs of one of the biggest artists the world has ever seen. His name is Justin Bieber…

This story is not to say I am going to be Justin Bieber, but it is to say that on top of all of the unique access, utilities, and community, that investing into this crowd fund will provide you, the potential collectible value of owning my first NFT can not be overlooked if you believe in me, my work, and the vision I have for the future.

Jake Eckhaus - Songwriter & Project Manager

Ali Soomro - Songwriter & Project Manager

2AM - DJ/Producer

Alex DeSalvo - Producer/Songwriter

Chosen1 - Producer

EMME - Singer/Songwriter

Dan - Producer

Carter Smith - Songwriter

Olivia Daponte - Songwriter

LQ - Artist

Management - Tha Lights Global

Arweave TX
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