【Theirsverse NFT】Drag Collection
Theirsverse 5th collection - Drag
Theirsverse 5th collection - Drag

Theirsverse proudly presents our 5th collection – Drag!

During the late 16th century, drag began in the age of Shakespearean theatre. The church was heavily connected to the stage and only allowed men to perform, and so it was that any female roles were played by the men in the cast dressed as women.

The ban of female actors as the origin of this art form isn't exactly in the spirit of what we call drag today. The true essence of drag is as a way for men to express a different side of themselves, over-exaggerating feminine looks, style and body language to create an alternative persona.

We inherit the spirit of drag here at Theirsverse, not only for men but everyone. We highlight the freedom to adopt any element to decorate, most importantly, to express yourself.

The official first drag queen was Princess Seraphina, aka John Cooper, who was a gentleman's servant. John was a well-known crossdresser around London and even answered Princess Seraphina when he wasn't wearing women’s clothes. In the 18th century, men could be hung if found participating in homosexual acts; however, there are thankfully no reports of Seraphina ever being arrested.

In the early 1900s, drag became more about the individual, and the queens built up their fanbases. One of the most popular was Julian Eltinge. Eltinge emerged from the world of vaudeville in the UK. He became hugely popular and had many fans convinced she was not a character, but a genuine actress. At the end of the performance, he would remove his wig and reveal his gender to the crowd, often to cries of disbelief.

Theirsverse helps you to explore diversity by encouraging you to put on different colors and elements however you want. We advocate for people to be proud of their identities and actual needs instead of the ones defined by stereotypes.

Drag is not only an art form but a unique way to reconstruct your identity.

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