【Theirsverse NFT】‘Samurai’ from Dynasty collection ⛩
April 24th, 2022

In the Dynasty collection, the second collection of Theirsverse, we present samurai: a loyal and brave character formed from the history and aesthetics of Edo period Japan.

Samurai - Dynasty - Theirsverse
Samurai - Dynasty - Theirsverse

Dynasty showcases 11 avatars that relate to each of their historically and culturally significant symbols, forming a spectrum of vibrant cultural representation.

The randomization of NFTs allows the cultural symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty in the US, the Rococo style of French aristocrats, Egyptian gods and leaders, Tang Dynasty myths, and Japanese samurai, to have their elements mixed and matched into the PFPs during mint. The process represents the Theirsverse spirit of blending cultures and shared experiences.

Theirsverse believes in sharing through mutual understanding and acceptance. Every culture has a spirit that is worthy of acknowledging and learning from.

We are Theirs!

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