Deus ex Machina

Cyberpunk is an aesthetic sub genre that is made up of the combination of “high tech and low life”, navigating the concept of a highly innovative and future-forward yet detrimental and tumultuously grungy society.

This current generation is bombarded with countless technological advancements, driving fast on the road towards a fully automated, robotic civilization. Yet such utopian buildup of this period of time is also contradicted with the many suffering faced by underprivileged people living amongst the hardships of bigotries, wars, wealth gaps, climate change and many other misfortunes. With how accessible and consequently insubstantial internet resources are, the artists of Gen Z gave birth to the aesthetic form of Cyberpunk as a method to document the dystopian disintegration of our time threaded by the tension between technology and poverty, utilizing such art works as a form of protest and rebellion towards the deeply ingrained systems within our society.

Theirsverse’s Cyberpunk collection hope to tackle such notion that encapsulates the chaos dawned upon this era. We want to hear the voices of this generation and the soul and spirit masked under machineries and armors with the ultimate hope that civilization will aim for peace and love for all as much as they strive for technological achievements.

This what we believe is the mission of the artists of our generation.

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