【Theirsverse NFT】Tarot Collection
Theirsverse Tarot Collection
Theirsverse Tarot Collection

The word Tarot derives from Italian, with the earliest evidence of a tarot deck since around 1750; tarot cards have been commonly used for psychic reading.


Usually, the psychic has the person being read handle or shuffle the cards or do it for them. The cards are then placed into a particular spread and interpreted. In addition, as there are numerous types of stretches, the decoding depends on the individual psychic and their manners. Tarot cards have different pictures and many artistic designs and decks one can choose.


There are two types of Tarot readings; one is "question and open readings." In such readings, you are addressing a specific question. Tarot is not aimed at answering a specific yes or no question; it is believed that the Tarot should work as a guide to help you make the decision yourself. For this reason, the way a question is stated is raw and fundamental. Later on, the Tarot reader gives advice.


"Open readings" address the more significant aspects of your life rather than a specific problem or question. It is normally done when you're entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, graduating from college, or becoming a parent. You can direct the card reading if you have a general ground that you want to cover.


Theirsverse has noticed that when anxious, young people try to use tarot cards to communicate with the mysterious power. It's more like talking to a person's self-being. Every action an individual makes still affects the development of their future life. As a form of mystical power, tarot cards are truly believed and used by people of all ages and cultures. As Theirsverse believes, Tarot can break the molds. 


Let the mind fly and embrace the myths! 

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