5 Times NFT Generation Proces of Theirsverse NFT
Theirsverse 9 Series Collection
Theirsverse 9 Series Collection

Theirsverse has been very dedicated to the quality, artistic value and artists commitment of all PFPs. Here is our journey of NFT generation for thousands of PFPs . We have very strict criteria for the creation of all PFPs.

The First Mixing: On March 1st, We mixed the first batch of 80 PFPs. Before mixing we were worried because there were 9 series and multiple artists involved. They have different styles and we wondered about the mixing effect. The results came out very surprising and astonishingly harmonious. This proves that the diversity of the world can be well blended. Even though there are differences between individuals and even "strange" people in the popular sense, the world is a beautiful place exactly because of the differences. After the first successful mixing, we still wanted to do better. So, the artists immediately made some adjustments and optimization to the images based on the mix.

The Second Mixing: On April 18th, we tried two mixing methods. One way is to mix the effect within the same series, and the other way is to break up different series and mixed 500 PFPs each. According to the results, we finally chose to mix different series, so that the pictures came out more creative. But this time we found a new problem, that was, all the PFPs seemed more feminine. As long as there is a feminine layer, it would make the whole PFP look like female. So we decided to pick two batches of PFPs with different temperaments and mix them separately.

Part of Theirsverse NFTs
Part of Theirsverse NFTs

The Third Mixing: On May 26th, the two batches of PFPs were mixed separately with strict rarity rules. We mixed 1000 PFPs in total. This time, we remade and adjusted nearly half of the images, especially we drew new PFPs and optimized them for the Rainbow series. Every artist drew a PFP of a different color to represent LGBTQ+ groups.

The Fourth Mixing: On June 1st,  based on the results of the mixing on May 26th, we optimized defects on different layers. We finalized and mixed 8000 PFPs and were ready to do the finishing touches. However, it was found that the limitations of certain layers led to a very large amount of refinement work, so we optimized more than 100 layers for replacement.

The Fifth Mixing: On June 9th, we got the final replacement of layers and mixed 8000 PFPs. The artist hand-optimized and selected all the PFPs. It was expected that 6500-7000 PFPs would be prepared for the final finalization of the sale. Ensuring the rarity and collectability of each PFP, the artists have finally completed the unique Theirsverse NFT after more than 300 days, which will also bring a sense of pride and belonging to the holders.

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