【Theirsverse NFT】Cyberpunk Collection
Theirsverse Cyberpunk Collection
Theirsverse Cyberpunk Collection

Beginning as a type of speculative fiction, Cyberpunk comprehensively refers to a dystopian future. It is a dark subgenre of science fiction where technology and capitalism have run rampant, and artificial intelligence has become sentient beings.


The word Cyberpunk was originally used by writer Bruce Bethke, who wrote a story with that title in 1982. However, the roots of Cyberpunk extend past Bethke’s tale to the technological fiction of the 1940s and 1950s. 


As the name tells, Cyber refers to the technology and is most often associated with cyberspace (initially coined by William Gibson, the film writer), and cybernetic enhancements to the body. It also refers to other technologies such as biotechnology; Punk, on the other hand, refers to the people and the attitude that Cyberpunk has. 


Theirsverse depicts cyberpunks visually in a way that combines technological elements and human lifestyles. Grasping that Cyberpunk tends to be outsiders, anti-heroes, outcasts, dissenters, and misfits. Theirsverse harnessed the attitude of being alone yet chic.


A cyberpunk attitude is about knowing that the system isn’t always in one’s favor, and the deck is stacked against one in some cases. Consequently, cyberpunks often find themselves in a romantic struggle between themselves and the system. For some, this manifests in an interest—sometimes even an obsession—with privacy and security, both online and offline. As a result, they use anything and everything at their disposal: including hacking, deception, and sometimes, intrusion.


Theirsverse is dedicated to present Cyberpunk which attracted massive fans globally. We are delighted to exchange ideas on this issue through Theirsverse NFTs.


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