May 16th, 2022

Girls are pink, boys are blue.

Girls should wear dresses; boys shouldn't like playing with dolls.

You are male, so you are not supposed to cry; You are female, so you shouldn't laugh out that loud.

Ever since young, our society has constantly told us how gender is divided using properties, colors, and emotions at an age when we do not know enough about ourselves. However, just like what Hyphen, the Theirsverse art director has mentioned, ‘gender is not a binary construct; gender is a self-exploration.’

I can say that once you feel free to express gender fluidity, a mental process starts and it allows you to fight prejudice, and care less about people's thoughts and you tend to be more informed.

In the short video "The Future is Fluid" made by Gucci and a British movie producer Jade Jackman, the young generation Z from all over the world speaks up for the definition and the ideal of gender; In their mind, gender is a spectrum, meaning there is no definite male or female.

Theirsverse Suit Collection PFP
Theirsverse Suit Collection PFP

The word "Unisex" first appeared in New York Times in 1968, and shopping malls opened up "his'n her" as a new product category at the same time. In the ads, male and female models wore the same outfit --- lace flared pants and an orange button shirt.

Back in 1910, right after Coco Chanel designed the first female workout pants, she rolled out a loose top with men’s characters, seeing was the origin of feminism and the start of gender-neutralism.

The North American aboriginal Indians believe that people have "two-spirit", so they wear outfits that combine men and women characters. No one defines people's gender by clothes.

As society changes, like two-spirit, uni-sexuality, gender-neutral, and gender fluidity, people's self-identification self-identification has constantly evolved. That person using clothing to judge one's gender is controversial nowadays. A rude person has asked one of our artists:" Do you go to the men's room or women's room?" The artist argued back: "We build a new one." Theirsverse artists don't want to reverse or dismiss the way it is, but they want to build a new world using the most cutting-edge NFT art to break the boundaries between men and women and speak up for the diversity in the universe.

In Theirsverse NFT nine collection, each represents a spirit that the artists want to tell, such as the Suit collection, showing people that clothes are never decisive in telling one's gender. People can be more inclusive and accepting to understand the diversity of humanity. People can reflect on how they were educated to inherited perceptions and hence were confused by what's beyond our understanding. Just like the name Theirsverse, we are not only he/him/his or she/her/hers, we are also they/them/theirs who is embracive and inclusive, speaking a universal language to one another.

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