Theirsverse Pride Month Parade & After Party

Timeline: 3PM UTC 【Wearing Teaching】 Masha from DigiFun will enter Theirsverse Discord to teach you how to use exclusive Wearables in decentraland;

Pride Month Parade

1.Gather: Everyone gathers at the parade site, and the staff waits for everyone at the designated place;
2.Visit: DigiFun tour guide - Masha will lead you to visit the parade, we will broadcast live on Theirsverse discord;

【Entry method】

  1. Party Link:
  1. Chat bar: Enter /goto 18,-66
  1. 【Events】
    1.We will hold a Party in our partner Digifun building, there will be well-known DJs participating, welcome everyone to come to this place and have fun with us.
    2.Take a photo with us and have a chance to win a new round of giveaways.


  • Please enter 15 minutes in advance;
  • Please enter the Parade/ Party address through the link, and make sure you are on the DG server;
    *Theirsverse staff will wear costumes and rainbow wings, if you have any questions please find us and contact us.

Don't be discouraged if you didn't get the costume in the first round, there is still a chance to get the new airdrop;

  1. Theirsverse exclusive Costume
    Giveaways 3 Winners
    1.Participate in events and take photos with us,
    2.Post 2 pics in twitter, @Theirsverse & @digifun;

1.Take a picture with the host (The girl in the poster with rainbow wings)
2.Take a picture at the party (DigiFun Building)
3.Follow DigiFun + (Theirsverse )
4. Post 2 pictures + wallet address

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