My 2022 Summary


  • In 2022, I entered my thirties.

  • I left my job in August to pursue my passion for web3 technology.

  • I explored different options to generate cash flows in DeFi sector.

  • ETHSF winner and got accepted by a top web3 accelerator.


  • I developed a prototype system for hunting airdrops of crypto projects. Ultimately, I decided to abandon the project, recognizing that the pursuit of money was not something that inspired me.

  • I discovered a cash-printing DeFi project and became deeply involved with its community and team. I provided meaningful input in the direction of the project. Additionally, I built a sophisticated monitoring system to maximize profits and generate earning reports.

  • I was so fortunate to have narrowly avoided being impacted by the LUNA crash and the FTX collapse.

  • I explored MEV with the intention of generating a cash flow, but I soon abandoned the project due to the same aforementioned reason. However, I managed to create and open source two tools for MEV as a side-effect: Ethereum-Account-Generator (for generating accounts with leading zeros to save on gas fees) and Ethereum-Private-RPC (which can give you an advantage when it comes to MEV).

  • I conducted an in-depth analysis of various protocols for ETH staking and wrote a script to report earnings and track APYs of various pools to optimize profits.

  • I started a private business to generate revenues from DeFi protocols through staking. However, the protocol was heavily affected by the FTX/Alameda collapse.


  • I started to consider leaving my job at Meta in late 2021 to start my own business. I officially resigned in August 2022.

  • When I quit my job, I intended to first explore the web3 space and conduct research. I anticipated it would take roughly a year before I found a tangible project to work on. However, after seeing a tweet from a speaker at EthCC about their successful ETHGlobal hackathon project, I was inspired to apply for ETHSF. I chose an idea from my list and assembled a team to work on it. Despite having little sleep, we put in a tremendous amount of effort and, ultimately, our project was chosen as one of the 13 finalists out of 284 teams.

  • After the hackathon, I conducted further research and validation and successfully applied to a top web3 accelerator (1% admission rate), raising funding at a $7M pre-seed valuation.

Key take-aways

  • Looking back, I should have left Meta in May, when I had already lost my enthusiasm for my job. The last three months at Meta were difficult for me, both mentally and in terms of productivity.

  • I learned a lot about myself. I came to the realization that, at my core, I am a builder. As a result, chasing after money is not something that will bring me true fulfillment.

  • I have learnt an important lesson to never invest money that I cannot afford to lose in high-risk investments.

  • In the web3 world, one has to dive deeper into the protocols and actively keep track of the latest developments and governance proposals to find the alphas.

  • By being open to new possibilities, I experienced serendipitous moments that led me to some amazing opportunities. If I had continued to pursue my plan of independently exploring the web3 space without raising capital, my progress will be much slower than it is currently.

  • Focus on the right things. At the ETHSF hackathon, I did not have any expectations of taking home a prize, and I made sure to communicate this to my teammates. We kept our attention on creating a strong project, which ultimately earned us a spot as finalists.

  • A few people suggested that without a co-founder, it would be difficult to secure funding or gain acceptance into accelerator programs. Yet, finding the right co-founder is akin to finding one's perfect partner and thus, I chose not to rush the process. Instead, I applied as a solo founder and, through sheer hard work and dedication, was able to make it work.

2023 Goals

  • Build MVP & showcase in demo day

  • Find product-market fit

  • Build founding team

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