Announcing Zero Gravity Voyage 1: The Journey From Zero to Zillion Has Begun

ZeroLend launched in 2023 with the aim of providing a seamless lending experience. Initially native to zkSync, our primary goal was to become the #1 protocol on zkSync.

Not only have we achieved that, but we have also went on to dominate other L2s. We are now #1 on Linea, #1 on zkSync, #2 on Manta, and #8 on Blast in terms of overall TVL.

ZeroLend is amongst the top 15 lending markets, with a TVL of $225 million and a market size of $590 million.

This is a significant achievement for a protocol that was entirely bootstrapped until we completed a modest fundraise of $3 million in February 2024

Every user interacting with the ZeroLend protocol has contributed to this growth. ZeroLend’s spaceship is not stopping until we become the top lending market in the L2 universe and on the Ethereum mainnet.

And as crazy as it sounds, we are not that far off.

As our token nears the TGE date, this article covers how the awaited $ZERO drop will be distributed using the Zero Gravity points system.

The Zero Gravity Program is structured with a long-term mindset, spanning over years to incentivize long-term sustainability and growth within the protocol in the decentralized landscape

Structuring the Zero Gravity Drop

Zero Gravity will be phased out in Voyages, and Chapters. Each Voyage will have 3 Chapters.

So you have 3 Voyages > 3 Chapters each in every Voyage.

Here’s a basic structure:

  • Voyage 1

    • Chapter 1

    • Chapter 2

    • Chapter 3

  • Voyage 2

  • Voyage 3

With each passing Voyage and Chapter, the supply % decreases to reward the early adopters of the protocol.

The earliest adopters are users who used Zero Gravity since its soft launch on Jan 19, 2024. They are eligible for the highest drop.

We have inflated the percentage of supply from 3% to 5%, which means more points for new users instead of diluting the existing ones.

Expanding our airdrop % ensures that the $ZERO drop is fair for all and works in favor of early adopters who supply liquidity (including the soft launch users).

In this article, we will cover Voyage 1: Zero to Zillion and the 3 chapters within it.

Voyage 1: Zero to Zillion

Zero Gravity’s first Voyage is called Zero to Zillion, in which the protocol will bootstrap its liquidity to reach a billion dollars in TVL.

The Zero to Zillion voyage is divided into 3 chapters: Ignition, LiftOff, and Boost.

We have set aside 10% of the total supply or 10 billion $ZERO tokens for Voyage 1, which will be distributed according to the table below:

Here’s a TLDR; airdrop % and timelines for Voyage 1

  • Voyage 1: Zero to Zillion - Total 10% supply

    • Chapter 1: Ignition - 5% supply - Now live - 6th May

    • Chapter 2: LiftOff - 2% supply - Dates TBA

    • Chapter 3: Boost - 2% supply - Dates TBA

Let’s dive into the first chapter of Voyage: Zero to Zillion

Voyage 1, Chapter 1: Ignition 🔥

Duration: Is now live - 6th May
Target: 1 billion TVL
Airdrop: 5% of Total Supply
Tokens: 5 billion tokens

With every passing week, the multipliers given to points will be reduced.

Ignition will provide fuel for our spaceship. This chapter has the highest reward pool to incentivize early adopters who help in bootstrapping liquidity for the protocol.

Zero Gravity users before April 10th will also be included in this chapter and will receive the most rewards.

During Ignition, we will distribute 5% of the $ZERO supply or 5 billion tokens.

🟢 Voyage 1, Chapter 1 is now live on -


Voyage 1, Chapter 2: LiftOff 🚀

Duration: TBATarget: TBA
Airdrop: 2% of Total Supply
Tokens: 2 billion tokens

The LiftOff chapter begins after the TGE and takes off our journey to compete with the top lending markets. Every user who boards the $ZERO spaceship during this chapter will receive $ZERO from a total pool of 2% of the total supply or 2 billion tokens.

Users who previously participated in Chapter 1 will receive a 1.5x boost in points earned in this chapter. This will encourage users who previously participated in the Chapter 1 campaign to continue participating in Chapter 2.

Voyage 1, Chapter 3: Boost ⚡

Duration: TBA
Target: TBA
Airdrop: 2% of Total Supply
Tokens: 2 billion tokens

The 'Boost Chapter' is our third and final thruster in 'Voyage 1: Zero to Zillion', designed to accelerate the $ZERO spaceship to the pinnacle of the lending universe.

ZeroLend users participating in this chapter will help propel us to the top of the lending charts and will receive a total of 2% of the $ZERO drop, equivalent to 2 billion tokens.

More details about how chapter 3 will launch will be revealed soon.

0 Protocol Fees

The big alpha announcement about ‘0’ is that ZeroLend will charge 0 fees from all users for lending/borrowing on the Linea, Blast, Manta & Ethereum markets until Chapter 1 is completed. That is till TGE on April 29th.

Most money markets in the space are extremely expensive. Some of our competitors charge anywhere between 10-75% interest fees from their users.

We have promised to slash out all protocol/interest fees up until the TGE.

This is to incentivize further growth and offer a better yield to users who lend/borrow on

In short, ZeroLend will be a feeless lending protocol from April 11 to April 29. Thus, the most efficient one.

How do I maximize my drop?

1. Supply/Borrow on ZeroLend

The majority of our drop will go to users who sign up on Zero Gravity and provide liquidity on any of our lending markets.

Read our step-by-step guides on supplying and borrowing assets on ZeroLend for a detailed walkthrough:

2. Supply $ETH

Our lending markets have a demand for borrowing $ETH. Bootstrapping $ETH liquidity is crucial to the success of our protocol.

Supplying any asset on any market gives you 1 point/USD/day. Users who supply $ETH on any of our markets receive 2 points/USD/day.

3. Ecosystem Partner Projects

You can also earn Zero Gravity points by participating on Zero Gravity, our airdrop points platform, where we have listed some of our partner projects to show love to their communities.

We will also be adding more partners every week. ZeroLend has a lot of inbound inquiries to be listed on the Zero Gravity platform.

4. Referrals

If you refer someone to ZeroLend, you earn another 20% point bonus. Say you refer someone, and they earn 100 points. Each of you will receive a 20% boost i.e. 20 points as a referral bonus.


  • **How will Zero Gravity points translate to $ZERO tokens?**The amount of $ZERO airdrop you receive will depend on your Zero Gravity points.

    The amount of points depends on:1. The amount of TVL you contribute during the campaign2. The Chapter you participate in - the earlier, the more points you receive3. The referrals you make

    The ratio for points: tokens will be announced closer to the TGE.

  • **I participated in Zero Gravity before the Zero to Zillion campaign. Will my points remain the same? Am I eligible for the drop?**Users who started using Zero Gravity after its soft launch on Jan 19, 2024, are not only eligible for the $ZERO airdrop but will also receive the most points and drop.

    The points accumulated by soft launch users will remain and will be taken into account to calculate the drop.

  • **Can I participate in every Chapter?**Yes, users can participate in all chapters.

  • **How do I check my accumulated points?**Connect your wallet to Zero Gravity, our airdrop platform. Once you connect your wallet, your points will automatically reflect on your Zero Gravity dashboard.

  • **0 Fees for Chapter 1: Will ZeroLend cover gas fees for users participating in $ZERO to Zillion?**Although we will not charge any protocol or interest fees, $ZERO to Zillion participants will have to pay gas fees on the network they transact on.

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