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We had an AMA with Finxeed to discuss further on their STOT program, and also how FINX is collaborating with Finxeed to come out with more benefits. Check out our AMA text recap below!

Here’s the recap on AMA, just in case you missed it!

  1. Alex, what kind of collaboration does FINX & Finxeed have, and how does user benefit from this partnership? What exactly are the benefits?


Yes definitely. So Finxeed is a trading platform made for professionals and therefore it has a sign-up fee when you want to join the program. This is where FINX comes in, as we help by adding ease to the payment system for giving Finxeed additional payment method for the users to make payment to. More specifically, we enable crypto as payment method for user to pay for the sign-up fee.

The payment method we integrated is on both TRC 20 and ERC 20, USDT, which can be found on the payment page. This is beneficial to users in many ways. Previously, the only option to pay is by the professional traders are either card payment or Vietnam payment, but some of them does not necessarily own Visa or Mastercard due to their demographic or simply, to those who wants more privacy as we know that crypto is more private. Thus, crypto payment solves most of these problems.

That’s the main collaboration we gave to Finxeed, but there’s more.

Apart from that, we’ve also added Finxeed to our wallet browser section so now even our users can get easy access to Finxeed. With just an app, users can easily access to multiple different web3 browsers, including Finxeed, where user can check and get the latest update from there. We are making not just FINX users, but any users that use FINX wallet to have an easy time here, where everything is already within our ecosystem itself. Today, even web2 users can come into FINX Wallet, and immediately understand where to navigate for different apps, because everything is really straightforward here. So, the second benefits from our collaboration is definitely the easy access of Finxeed via FINX Wallet.

There are 1 more benefits from this collab, and this is more towards our community, FINEX.

Also, thanks to Finxeed for this offer, FINX member will get this one special added benefit. As you might now, Finxeed only accepts professional trader which means, before anyone is given access to the platform, you will need to go through an exam and the minimum package fee is $99.

So, to ease the burden of FINX members, we have requested, and able to get these exclusive benefits from Finxed. FINX members will be entitled for a full refund once you passed all the verification stage! Yes you heard that right, if you take the exam, and successfully pass each and every one of the exams, then you will be entitled to a full refund, and additionally also getting the extra capitals from Finxeed to trade on a reall account. I believe this is a win-win situation for all of us, especially if you are an experience trader because you can really benefit out from this alot. So definitely look out for this guys!

To repeat again, there are 3 main benefits from our collaboration this time, first one is adding crypto as a payment method for Finxeed, Second is easy access of Finxeed via FINX Wallet and lastly, a full refund if you sign up using FINX link. Oh and where do you get the FINX link? Remember to check out our latest Galxe mystery event for full details!

So yeah, that is all for the question.

2. Gary, can you explain your project and products in detail to them?


Yes sure, Finxeed is a decentralized credibility scoring platform was founded in 2022 with the vision of create a trust network through big data, to enhance trust, transparency, and security in web3 especially decentralized finance (DeFi). And, Finxeed’s mission is to revolutionize the credibility scoring market in web3

We raise a strategic investment of 10 million usd fund from Dbank group ,to enable the conception of STOT ,the world first digital asset prop firm ,and we believe that empowering trust within the Defi community starts from digital asset traders , As the key initiatives to further empowerment of trust within the blockchain community. STOT will be a platform for traders to learn, share and grow their trading skills and strategies and gain their credibility scoring profile in the decentralized society.

And, we Design a two step evaluation progress for STOT program,

  • 1st Step The STOT Evaluation — Successfully complete the trading objectives provided and Prove your trading skills and discipline

  • 2nd Step Verification — Go through a verification process with your trading results Upon successful verification, receive an offer to trade on behalf of our Partnered Trading Platform as a STOT Trader

We believe the financial industry is data-intensive and relies heavily on data. We collect trading data, stability data and transparency data from traders through STOT. Through this process we certify traders and provide funds to traders with the best possible trading experience and maximize opportunities to unleash their true potential, STOT it’s a unique data collection evaluation system and we will screen out and certify high quality traders.

Finxeed hopes that STOT will become a hub for traders to learn, grow, collaborate, and most importantly build trust.

  1. Gary, can you elaborate further on how STOT project is able to help traders? Like why should they take this program if they are really good?


As i mention just now, through the Evaluation process, we provide funds to traders with the best possible trading experience and maximize opportunities to unleash their true potential.

At the same time, the trader who challenge the STOT we bear your risk, traders are free from bearing the losses; No need to worry about the risks concerning funds and financial security.

The trader who completes the STOT we provide the Profit Split from 65% to 80% it depending on the package. Besides we still have the STOT Scaling Plan to upgrade profit split to 90% and a generous scale-up cap of $200,000 per trader with the requirement of generating at least 7.5% account balance profit and consistent profit for 4 months others will be the same trading objectives

More than these, through complete STOT, Trader get trusted by investors and Investors evaluate certified traders, and provide an investment with confidence. Besides, Certified Traders are authorized to participate in asset management business and reach an agreement with investors. Derivative view, the trader will gain the opportunity to cooperate with large-scale fund management businesses.

  1. Gary, can you explain the verification process of STOT and how secured are the funds in STOT account?


Yes, in STOT we design 2 step evaluation program .First, choose your STOT Evaluation acc, which mean choose from $99,$199, $349, $499. After completing the Evaluation phase, a trader will process to verification step. This is to ensure trader trading skills. At this step, Trader needs to actively trading for at least 15 days, and fully utilize the provided capital to gain 5% profit during this whole phase. Besides that, the trader also has to be able to control their fund to avoid loss. We allow a daily limit loss of up to 5% and a total of 10% for the whole phrase. And finally trader will receive a funded account up to 200kusd after passed the evaluation program and also get full refund for the enrollment fee, its sound exciting right !

Regarding the security of the project, STOT was strategic invest with 10 million USD by DBank — a digital asset technology and service investment institutions. Since February 2018, DBANK has earned the strategic investment from 360 (overseas), Singapore’s Bit New Chain (BTN) Foundation and the Chicago Board of Trade consortium Great Lake Capital.

Besides that, BCWEX as our trading platform, being a well-known digital assets exchange platform, BCWEX puts the safety and security of its users first, maintaining a robust system that protects the assets and data entrusted to it with a track record of zero security incidents since its inception.

  1. Gary, our community would love to know what are you guys working on right now or anything exciting in the making for the new year, can you share with us please?


Happy to share with all of you, we are going to have a New Event soon, it’s regard Battle of Community with the Price Pool ! As community participants increase, the price pool will increase also, unlimited prize for all trader ! We also will create a personal prize for the Best performance trader, others detail we will updated once the event was ready!

Besides, As part of our continuous commitment to provide better services and better experience to our valued clients, our new STOT Dashboard is about to live soon, New interface ,new experience with new function. We’re excited to have you experience our product and reap its benefits. We look forward to seeing you soon!

500+ audience at peak during our AMA with Finxeed.

6. Alex, after hearing so much details from Gary about the Finxeed project, can you share your thoughts on FINXEED’s STOT project?


First of all, really amazing and detailed sharing by Gary, I hope everyone here really learnt something from this AMA, especially if you are planning to become a professional traders. So for me, it is definitely an amazing program. The STOT Program offered by Finxeed is a unique and innovative initiative that provides both new and experienced professional traders with the opportunity to trade funded accounts, which can help to reduce their financial risk and increase their chances of success.

One advantage of the STOT Program is that it allows traders to gain experience in cryptocurrency trading with a funded account, which can help them to build their confidence and develop their skills. The fact that additional increments of up to $200,000 are available through the STOT Program Scaling Plan also means that successful traders can potentially grow their accounts significantly.

Overall, the STOT Program offered by Finxeed is a well-designed initiative that provides traders with a unique opportunity to trade with a funded account. So definitely a good program to watch out!

7. Alex, You mentioned that, in addition to wallet and payment system support, there are additional rewards for participation. Can you explain what these rewards are?


Yes of course, so other than getting a refund when you register using FINX link, the FINX team have also decided to give something extra — something that is only eligible for those that sign up using our link.

If you just joined FINX discord today, then you probably have missed our on-going airdrop event: Learn 2 Earn. Let me do a quick explanation to this.

We are currently having a 1,000,000 airdrop event that focus on Learn 2 Earn, where users that participate will get to learn in depth about FINX ecosystem and be rewarded for it. Of course the campaign also consist of other side events such as gamer, supporter etc that does not required you to learn. So if you would like to accumulate FINX token to be ready for the bull run, then this is definitely your best chance!

Alright, so what does this has to do with Finxeed? For existing FINX members, i believe you guys have already seen the latest announcement today regarding the mystery event, and now i will officially reveal the first mystery event we have again here, which is the Finxeed STOT program!!

This airdrop portion is to encourage users to sign up using FINX link, and take the exam. So as long as you sign up using FINX link and register an account by paying the $99 which is refundable upon passing, then you will be eligible to share the 10,000 FINX token!

If there are 10 users that join using our link, then there will only be 10 users sharing the prize pool of 10,000 FINX token!

So if you are interested, remember to checkout our Galxe mystery 1 campaign for the step by step guide. Once you have paid the sign up fee, remember to submit your application for us to verify in Discord so that you can claim the OAT and get the airdrop!

We will still have more mystery event to come soon, so be sure to stay tuned to our social media.

For now, these are all the exciting things we have going on but the team at FINX never stops thinking about the next step. Thank you for allowing me to share my knowledge today and thank you everyone for your time.

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