FINX x HOX Conference Manila: All You Need to Know.

As we have previously mentioned, FINX will make an appearance in Manila as part of our new partnership with HOX World. As the event is taking place in a few more days, it’s time to reveal all the details about the event.

FINX x HOX Conference Manila Details

Time: 17 December 2022, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Venue: Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier, BGC, Manila (Philippines)

Now that you have the details of the event in Manila, we’ll be talking more about what the event is about. The main purpose of this event is to launch the FX9, a product package that was produced as a result of the collaboration between HOX World and FINX.

The event will be attended by guest of honour Director Dr. Aldrine Fermin, Deputy Chief from the Office of the Vice President, other Key Industry Players in the Philippines as well as mainstream media like Manila Times. We will be revealing more of the prominent names and media in a later post.

During the event, there will be special talks that look into how FINX benefits the blockchain industry, an in-depth explanation about the HOX World and FINX partnership, a look into the FX9 Package and the exclusive HF V1 NFT and last but not least, the official launch of FINX Wallet.

Introducing the FX9 Package

The FX9 package worth USD 3000 contains 20 bottles of SOD 1000 IU , 8 boxes of Pro energy Fiber and 7 boxes of Joint Support. All these products are supplements, which are the signature products of HOX World.

The package also includes a cash reward worth USD 800 and a 4-star membership. As for FINX, we created an exclusive NFT for HOX World, which is called HF V1 NFT that has a value of 3000 USDT. Let's take a look at the details of NFT below.



This special NFT, which is also a result of the FINX and HOX World collaboration can only be obtained through the purchase of the FX9 package which will be available at the conference event itself. The NFT is worth between 3000 USDT and can allow its owners to earn a passive income of 6% APR for a lifetime.

How so? Those who obtained the HF V1 NFT will have the choice to either stake their NFT or sell it. Staking their NFT will allow them to earn 6% of APR, which is 15 USDT a month for a lifetime. ( 3000 USDT * 6/12 months )

Users can also purchase FINX HF V1 NFT on the available secondary markets such as our partnership platform — NSwap.

FINX Wallet Official Launch

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After months of hard work and focus, we’re finally ready to officially launch the FINX Wallet, which is happening during our conference in Manila!

During the launch, we will go through several features of FINX Wallet which includes the ability to stake and the ability to make direct purchases with several of our partners like HOX World. To know more, you will definitely have to look out for the official launch!


Before we end this article, we have 1 final announcement:

FINX will be handing out invitations to the general public, granted that you live in Manila. To get an invitation to the event, you will have to fill in a form that we will provide tomorrow. We’ll explain more about this in another post however, for now, mark your calendar because this event will bring in a lot of interesting events for the FINX community and we’re excited to share it with you!

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