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About is one of the most famous tool for NFT trading, with amazing and real-time trend analysis, awesome buying and MetaMask pulling speed, we work with many core NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, BLUR), It's the most powerful snipe tool for traders, our team is very active and will continue to optimize this tool, we welcome everyone to come to our DC for feedback and cooperation.


Hot Alerts are automatic notifications when listing pending or trade for a collection is greater than a threshold in the last minute, and are the fastest way to know hot or not of the collection.


  1. When more than 10 listings in the last 1 minute, the alert will pop up, more listings means higher FOMO of exits.

  2. When more than 4 pending in the last 1 minute, the alert will pop up, more pending means higher FOMO of entries. NOTE: Transactions generated by contracts used by some private nodes or aggregation tools cannot fully monitor pending, this means that the volume of pending alerts may be lower than the volume of real transactions.

  3. When more than 10 trades in the last 1 minute, the alert will pop up, more trades means higher FOMO of entries. You can compare and judge with the listing alerts.

Anyway, the listing alert shows the emotion of exit, pending and trade alert shows the emotion of entry

Integrates a variety of representations of data changes in the web page of NFTFlip, such as momentum charts, scatter plots, listing history, and data snapshots are one of them. In the data snapshot area, you can intuitively see the history of various indicators point, and you can choose historical data of different periods for observation

  1. Cycle selection: minimum support for data history with a cycle of 5 minutes

  2. Historical data in the sales area: I would like to see green tips here, which means that the buying sentiment continues and the price may continue to rise. Of course, 10MIN SALES responds faster, and the continuous rise here may mean that the market is coming soon , otherwise, attention should be paid to

  3. Historical data in the listings area: I most hope to see red prompts here, which means that the selling sentiment continues to weaken. You can observe the 10MIN LISTINGS. If it continues to weaken and accompany the 10MIN SALES to continue to rise, there may be a wave of market prices. If the 10MIN LISTINGS continues Rising, it means that the selling sentiment is strong


Choose 1 minute intervals to observe

  1. Area 1, the buying volume is increasing, the market has no willingness to sell (no new listings, no re-listed down), the best starting point

  2. Area 2, the buying volume continues, the willingness to sell is not strong, and the waiting period

  3. Area 3, the buying volume weakens rapidly, the re-listed down increases, the selling sentiment strengthens, and it is time to sell

Momentum charts support filtering by price


In a certain project, users who hold more than 1% of their positions we use a purple triangle prompt, which will appear on listings and trades

  1. The prompt switch for users whose positions are greater than 1% will be displayed in listings and trades after it is turned on

  2. You can observe the number of NFTs owned by large position holders and the number of listings

  3. The purple arrow tips on listings and trades. If a large amount appears in listings, it represents the willingness of large investors to sell; if a large amount appears in trades, it represents the willingness of large investors to buy

  4. When the mouse is moved to the purple arrow, specific details will be displayed, including user address, NFT quantity, percentage quantity, and listings quantity


When the project is very popular, it is often necessary to fight for gas and other players to grab an NFT. NFTFlip supports the dynamic gas function. At the moment of purchase, the gas will be added to the existing pending to increase the success rate of the purchase.

  1. Dynamic gas configuration: how much gas is added on the basis of "pending transactions". For example, if an NFT has 3 pendings, if 3 is configured in the dynamic gas, at the moment of clicking to buy, 3 will be added to the highest Prio and Maxfee in all pendings to obtain a higher probability of successful purchase

  2. An example, when the dynamic gas option is applied, when a pending order is encountered, it will automatically increase on the basis of the existing pending

requires attention:

  1. The dynamic gas is only valid at the moment of clicking to purchase, and cannot be increased again according to the pending value added by other people

  2. If you choose to use dynamic gas, but there is no pending when purchasing nft, the default gas configuration of metamask will be used by default


Support specified price filtering or price range filtering, such as filtering listings with a price below 0.1, or filtering listings with a price between 0.1 and 0.2

Support specifying rank or rank interval for filtering

Support specifying id or id range for filtering

Support one or more traits for filtering

Support pending to filter

All of the above filters support multi-dimensional combination filtering

sample graph:

  1. Perform specified rank screening, and screen the tokens of the top 10% rank

  2. Sort the tokens with 10% rank from low to high price

  3. The selected quantity and token list

  4. The qualified quantity and token list in the transaction


If you own an NFT in a certain project, it will be prompted in real time on the project page. The information includes: buying time, rank, buying price or mint price, gas price, estimated cost-back price on different platforms, and listing tips and prices

NFTFlip supports viewing NFT information in multiple wallets and displays them in aggregate

  1. The quantity prompt of self-owned NFT, click to view details

  2. Tips and price tips for listing

  3. Prompt on the breakeven price of different platforms, the breakeven price is estimated based on the purchase price + gas price + royalties of different platforms

  4. Whether it is a prompt of MINT

  5. You can choose different wallets to view, and the default is summary view

The original intention of designing the small trend list is to make it easy to quickly observe and switch to other projects on the project page, without the need to return to the big trend list or leave the page

  1. The entry of the small trend list

  2. Arrange according to transaction data according to different time periods

  3. Favorites entry

  4. There will be a small green dot prompt for the project you own


Historical listings default to minute-level data, which represents the stock data of real-time listings. If the data is in a rising pattern, it means that the desire to sell is increasing. If the data is in a weakening trend, it means that buyers are buying listings quickly , the price may be about to go higher

  1. Click the price range of the sell order wall to open the historical listings chart

  2. Here you can enter the price to filter different price listings data

  3. This is a rising performance, indicating an increase in the number of sell orders, pay attention to risks

  4. This is a decline, the number of listings is being reduced by buy orders, and the price may rise


The green dots can be used to observe the structure of users holding positions on the market at this time through Minter prompts, so as to help find better opportunities


When the browser opens more windows, it helps to see the latest floor price of the project you care about more intuitively


Royalty tips for different markets, the royalty includes the Royalty+market fee set by the project party


When the purchase is successful, the break even price will be estimated based on the price at the time of purchase + total gas cost + royalties in different markets

high win rate flipper flag

We filtered flippers who had a high trading frequency and a winning rate (the relationship between trading times and profit times) of more than 70% in the past 30 days. If they list or trade a nft, it will be marked on the listings list or trades list. We believe that the tips of flipper with high winning rate are more useful than the tips of whales. For example, if the trades list of a collection starts to appear their marks many times, this will be a good signal for buying.

Marks of high winning flippers

In the trades chart, mark buys of high winning flippers with a purple dot, may help to choose the right time to buy

The Sweeping

Our sweep feature is very quick, in the features bar at the bottom of the page, you can click on the preset quantity to quickly buy multiple items, or open the sweep window to buy custom multiple items (up to 30), and save even more time.

Shows your entries and exits on the trades chart and momentum

Your entries and exits are automatically shown on the trades chart and you can share your beautiful trade screenshots

ERC1155(not include OS Shared Storefront Collection for now)


configure alerts(trades, pending, someone listing, floor price) on our website, receive them in DM of our Discord, never miss any trading

How many listings from the break-even price of floor price

How many listings are left from the break-even price of floor price in real time, in the status bar


Added the profit and loss data of your trades


HWR INDEX: high win rate flippers of current collection / all high win rate flippers * 100 (we hope that this index shows the FOMO of the collection at this moment)

How to filter the high win rate traders: trades > 100 and collections > 5 and win-rate > 70% and span = 30 days (update every 24 hours)


The trades chart shows the profit and loss of each trade, click on "PnL"

Offer Data


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