The Framework

The Framework

The Framework represents a high-level overview of the Frahm project and ecosystem we are building. Frahm is built on the underlying principles of the Web3 movement. We believe in the ownership economy, a community-first approach, and positive-sum games. We are building our products and services on decentralized infrastructure.

Our vision is to build a brand and ecosystem which brings forth the brilliance of NFT art. Our mission is to give creators, collectors, and galleries the frames they deserve. We accomplish this by building the worlds‘ leading platform to create, collect and experience framed NFT art.

In its entirety, we think of this platform as the Metaverse Frame Stack. A stack represents different layers working in conjunction to enable one overall key objective. The Framework helps us to construct a model of the various elements it consists of and communicate its relationships. It is not a fixed structure but will dynamically evolve as Frahm matures.


Our ambition is to provide a platform to showcase framed NFT art in the best possible way. With our own Gallery Viewer, Frahm is providing a new way to experience NFT art. It allows one to touch, move and discover framed NFT art through new perspectives.  


Hall of Frame

Showcasing the finest framed art, the Hall of Frame represents a Frahm curated gallery to exhibit pieces out of the Frahm Exclusives Collection and other remarkable art.

User Galleries

We are giving holders of frame NFTs the ability to easily set up, share and showcase their framed NFTs. Custom User Galleries are only available to Frahm Genesis Drop holders.


In the ownership economy, you can take your assets with you. We are collaborating with leading NFT galleries and platforms to integrate our frame NFTs.

Physical Exhibits

Frahm frame NFTs can not only complement the display of art in the metaverse, but also in the physical world. Our frames can be incorporated into the exhibit of NFT art through digital screens.


Frahm offers different collections to address different stakeholders and market needs. We want to give creators, collectors, and galleries the frames they deserve. Incorporating specific collections into the Frahm offering allows us to meet unique requirements and a differentiated value proposition.


Frahm Exclusives

Frahm Exclusives represent customized frame NFTs for exclusive partners. This collection consists of frame NFTs tailored to specific NFT artworks. Pieces range from 1/1s to small-scale editions. These frames are hand-crafted by Frahm and jointly curated with our partners.

Frahm Genesis Drop

The Frahm Genesis Drop Collection consists of a limited supply of unique frame NFTs based on generative art. Each will be a unique artwork consisting of various layers, attributes, and rarities. Holders of Genesis Drop NFTs are early stakeholders of Frahm and enjoy additional benefits within the community.

Frahm Factory

The Frahm Factory Collection will offer creators, NFT projects and galleries custom crafted frame NFTs. These editions are specifically designed to match your design and story. We create frame NFTs according to the requirements of our clients in small- to large-scale editions.

Framing Services

Frahm is building its own tools to enable creators, collectors, and galleries with a turnkey framing solution. Our Framing Services are sophisticated tools with an intuitive user interface to create digital frames and merge them with the NFTs they shall encase.

Framing App

Our Framing App allows users to merge an NFT plus a frame NFT into a framed version on the user-interface level. In this process, new high-resolution, metaverse-ready 2D and 3D file types are generated. These can be downloaded as high-resolution images, Twitter background images, or viewed in the Frahm gallery view.     

Custom Framing

Frames can provide the most value if they are specifically tailored to a painting. We provide customized frame NFTs for creators, collectors, and galleries on demand as a service. Our custom frames are hand-crafted and curated along a consulting process.

Frame SDK

The Frame SDK gives creators, collectors, and galleries a tool to create frame NFTs. Frahm developed its own in-house Software Development Kit (SDK) from scratch to build digital frames. It offers powerful capabilities and customization options. It comes with an intuitive user-interface offering a no-code experience. To accomplish our vision, we will democratize access to our SDK and cultivate a community-owned creator economy around it.

 On the Horizon

In the medium term, we foresee certain elements to enable the vision of Frahm. In a mature version of the Metaverse Frame Stack we imagine, these are critical aspects in the future. In the Frahm roadmap, they are currently not actively prioritized as they depend on the successful launch of the Framework elements elaborated above.   

Open Frame Registry

Framing NFTs should work inter-operably across a variety of NFT platforms and galleries, reflecting composability as a core feature of Web3 technologies. A prerequisite to enable this is bringing information about framed NFTs on-chain. The Open Frame Registry will be a piece of public infrastructure within the Metaverse Frame Stack. Like the ENS Domain Registrar, it will map wallet, NFT and frame NFT data for all Web3 websites to access.

Frahm DAO

We envision a future in which the Metaverse Frame Stack represents a set of core infrastructure services for the NFT ecosystem. It is our goal to create a community owned platform managing and governing these services. Building the Frahm Dao will become an objective once we successfully have built an initial frame stack which is worth governing.

Frame Marketplace

As a specific segment of the NFT art ecosystem, we foresee the need for a dedicated frame NFT marketplace. The Frame Marketplace will be a key infrastructure component to explore, discover and trade frame NFTs.

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