Getting started with the FDK

The Frame Development Kit (FDK) enables anybody to design their own custom 3D digital frames.

This quick start guide walks you through the steps in your frame creation process

  • Choosing a frame style

  • Designing your frame

  • Customizing frame properties

  • Minting your frame as NFT

Choosing a frame style

Choose a frame style and continue co-creating this as your frame template.

The FDK Landing Page - Choose a frame style to continue
The FDK Landing Page - Choose a frame style to continue

Designing your frame

Upload NFT: Start by clicking the „Choose NFT / Upload” button inside the frame. Now you are able to choose an NFT from your connected wallet or upload a piece of art from your computer.

Randomize: Hitting the button will allow you to quickly jump between different designs of a certain frame style. Generative art is doing the heavy lifting in the background for you.

Fine tune: Continue fine tuning the frame by opening the tabs for “Frame”, “Passepartout” and “Colors”.

In the “Frame” tab, you can adjust the thickness, depth and other properties around the frame shape.

In the “Passepartouts” tab, you can adjust the size of the element separating the frame from the art.

In the “Colors” tab, you can adjust color for all elements within a certain frame style, including the frame, additional frame accents and the passepartouts. You may choose between different colors and textures.

1. Design - start designing your custom 3D digital frame frame
1. Design - start designing your custom 3D digital frame frame

Customizing frame properties

After designing your frame, adjust the frame properties metadata.

You can give your frame a custom name as well as a custom description. Below that you see the selected properties in the design phase. These properties will be shown on sites like OpenSea with your frame.

You can adjust the name and description of your frame
You can adjust the name and description of your frame

Minting your frame as NFT

The final step is minting your frame as NFT.

You can see the preview of the frame in the middle as well as selected properties on the right for final review. You can always go back and edit before minting.

“Unit price” corresponds to the selected frame style. There are different pricing tiers for the available frame styles.

Under “Quantity”, you can select how many pieces of that specific frame you want to mint.

Click “Mint” and confirm the transaction with your connected Ethereum wallet.

Minting and generating the 3D frame takes around 30 seconds up to a minute.

After successfully minting a frame, you now hold this frame NFT in your wallet. Click “View NFT” to check out your minted frame on OpenSea. You can also download the corresponding image and 3D file.

Mint for free using Tickets

Tickets are a property of Frahm Genesis frames. The Frahm Genesis Collection is the first 3D digital frame collection based on generative art. Find Tickets on OpenSea by looking at the Properties of each Genesis frame.

By holding a Genesis frame in your connected wallet, you will be able to utilize tickets attached to it and mint any frame style for free in the FDK. After your free mint, we will deduct the respective ticket from your Genesis frame.


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