The story of Frahm
February 11th, 2022

From physical to digital frames

The seed for Frahm was planted at the beginning of 2021. The increasing propagation of NFTs within the traditional art world led to ideations around the exhibition of NFTs in physical galleries.

Athena van Frahm is a gallery owner and holds a Ph.D. in History of Art. Tinkering with ideas of how to display NFTs in the gallery, we first focused on physical NFT frames. We defined requirements around sizes, aspect ratios, frame types, digital display, wallet integration, and user interface. We are happy to see start-ups such as Tokenframe and global players such as Samsung innovate in this direction.

We decided to take a different path. Most galleries and exhibitions will exist and take place virtually in the future, and the natural environment for NFTs is the Metaverse. As a result, the amount of art consumption in the digital sphere will be 100x the exposure of the physical world.

Frames for the Metaverse

NFTs in the Metaverse will be framed. This is our core thesis. NFTs will tokenize all the things, and eventually, all objects will be incorporated as scarce digital assets. Already today, Web3 galleries such as are creating experiences where everything you see and hear is an NFT.

A Frahm Metaverse-Friendly Frame in Action

Digital frames will be NFTs as well. Frames are significant to the history of art. They enhance art while embodying art themselves. Frames are intrinsic to art — but not in the Metaverse, yet. The aesthetics of NFT displays still have room for improvement in the physical and virtual world.

NFT frames will enhance digital art for collectors, creators, and galleries. When you’re spending a significant amount of capital on art pieces, you want a space that reflects the value of that. While frames enhance art, the art of framing is art in its own right. Their own brilliance must also serve that of the paintings they encase

Frames as a new NFT primitive

Frahm is bringing craftsmanship to the digital frame. Imagine digital frames as NFTs. Imagine digital frames as their own crafted artworks. Imagine digital frames a new NFT primitive.

Digital frames are the next frontier in the art of framing. NFTs, the Metaverse, and computer technology set a new context to interpret this craft. At the same time, they provide the artist with unprecedented capabilities.

Our mission is to give collectors, creators, and galleries the frames they deserve. To realize this mission, we recognize that Frahm can not only create frames. Rather, we must build the metaverse frame stack.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead. And we hope that you will join us on this journey.

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