Create custom 3D digital frames with the FDK

Frahm FDK live in alpha

We are excited to launch the Frame Development Kit (FDK) in alpha!

Enhance your digital art with a custom frame and join us in pioneering the art of framing in the metaverse.

With the launch of the Frahm FDK, we are reaching a major milestone in our mission to frame the metaverse. By giving anybody to easily create, mint as NFT and sell a custom frame, we are democratizing the digital frame creation process.

This blog posts provides an overview of the FDK feature set

Preview of Ambience style frames in a virtual gallery
Preview of Ambience style frames in a virtual gallery

Co-create with Frahm - FDK Features

The FDK enables anybody to design their own custom 3D digital frames.

Enhance your art

Frames enhance the art they encase. Add a fine detail to your .

Become your own frame maker

We make it easy and fun for you to craft metaverse-ready frames. No 3D modeling experience needed.

FDK Feature Highlights

Generative art

By hitting “randomize” in the FDK, you can leverage generative art in designing your frame.


Our 3D digital frames will automatically fit to the size of your uploaded digital art.

Ambience frames

Extend your art onto the frame. Our Ambience feature allows you to merge your art with the frame.

Color detection

We detect the dominant color composition of your artwork and suggest matching frame colors.

Mint as NFT

Minting your 3D digital frame as NFT will allow you to use it in various digital galleries. It will automatically be added to your connected wallet. You will also be able to download the corresponding GLB 3D model and PNG image.

Mint for free using Tickets

Tickets are a property of Frahm Genesis frames. The Frahm Genesis Collection is the first 3D digital frame collection based on generative art. Find Tickets on OpenSea by looking at the Properties of each Genesis frame.

By holding a Genesis frame in your connected wallet, you will be able to utilize tickets attached to it and mint any frame style for free in the FDK. After your free mint, we will deduct the respective ticket from your Genesis frame.

Frame your gallery

Enhance your metaverse gallery with a custom 3D digital frame. Load it right into your gallery as NFT or 3D model.

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