Lensletter #5

Greetings to the entire Lens ecosystem!

We are delighted to share the fifth issue of Lensletter, prepared in collaboration with Lensholic & Lens Garden NFT, with all our frens. With this weekly newsletter series, we will explore LensVerse further, serve as a guide to our new frens, and together, we will enhance the Lens ecosystem. Rest assured that Lensletter will take you on an enjoyable Lens journey!

In this week's issue:

  • The latest and most important Lens news

  • Lens statistics

  • Introduction to the YouMeme

  • Must-try experiences: Lenster DM Feature

  • Quotes from LensFrens

We wish all our LensFrens and Lens enthusiasts a delightful reading experience!

Lens Ecosystem News

LensVerse is growing and evolving alongside its supportive LensFrens. Day by day, we are getting more excited with new developments and finding more opportunities to explore LensVerse!

Here, we would like to share some of the recent developments in the Lens team, Lens projects, and Lens community over the past week.

  • Spaces on Lens: Lens now supports Spaces, allowing users to create or join Spaces within the Buttrfly app.

  • Kaira GPT: Kaira has announced its upcoming feature, Kaira GPT, which enables easy and creative content creation on decentralized platforms.

  • Lip-4 by Lens Devs: Lens has announced the development of Lip-4, a proposal aimed at adding a safety layer to Lens Protocol profiles to protect Lens users against phishing scams.

  • LensPort Integrated Livepeer Video: LensPort has integrated Livepeer video, resulting in faster loading times for Lens videos.

  • Phaver X Trekki NFT AMA: Phaver hosted an AMA with Trekki NFT to discuss Travel & NFTs.

  • Bookmark Feature on Lenster: Lenster now has a live Bookmark feature enabling users to add their favorite posts and a 'Not Interested' option for content that doesn't suit their taste.

  • Phaver App Update: Phaver's largest app update 6.8.2 is out now with its exciting features.

Lens Statistics

We’ve included the latest Lens statistics from lenscan.io, a project built by one of our developer frens, in the table below. In each weekly issue of Lensletter, we will be able to track the development of the Lens ecosystem together by providing these statistics up-to-date. A big thank you to @dao_leno for their valuable contribution to the ecosystem!

Lens App: YouMeme

In the fifth issue of Lensletter, we will be introduced to YouMeme, the first tokenized social network for memes powered by Lens Protocol!

What is YouMeme?:

YouMeme is a social platform that strives to become the ultimate hub for meme enthusiasts, content creators, and brands in search of fresh and captivating content. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the platform offers users a quick and enjoyable meme-creation experience. Unleash your creativity and humor as you effortlessly craft the funniest and most shareable memes with just a few clicks. Beyond the entertainment factor, YouMeme offers exciting opportunities to turn your passion into profit. Through a gamified and decentralized approach, users can engage in quests and achievements, transform their memes into NFTs, and sell them on our marketplace.

The possibilities of YouMeme:

YouMeme is a decentralized social network for all meme enthusiasts. You can actively engage with memes, take part in thrilling meme competitions, and earn rewards for your participation. Now, check out some possibilities of YouMeme:

  • AI-powered memes with an advanced meme editor

  • Participating in meme contests and winning exciting prizes

  • Hybrid model - Accessing the app using an email address or a Lens profile

  • Different categories and tags so you can find memes that fit your interests

  • Referral program - Inviting your friends and getting YouMeme diamonds

  • Customizable ready-to-use templates, allow you to add your own text, images, and other elements to create unique and engaging memes.

What can you do on the ​YouMeme platform?

  • Creating high-quality memes effortless with a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools and features

  • Monetize your memes by turning them into profit through gamification and decentralization

  • Transforming memes into NFTs and selling them on the marketplace

  • Engaging in quests and achievements on the platform

You can delve deeper into YouMeme and enjoy its offerings by accessing the provided links below!

YouMemeWorld Twitter | youmemeworld Instagram | YouMeme Medium | YouMeme LinkedIn | YouMeme News Telegram | youmemeworld TikTok | youmemeworld.lens Lens

Try: Lenster DM Feature

In today’s issue of Lensletter, we aim to engage you more with LensVerse. That's why we will be recommending experiences that our LensFrens should try out in Lens!

Did you know that it is now easier and more advanced to chat with your favorite frens on Lens? How? With the new feature introduced by Lenster & XMTP collaboration, you can send videos, photos, and gifs to your frens via DM! Isn't it great? If you haven't tried the feature yet;

  • Just enter the Lenster app and connect your wallet.

  • Go to the DM section.

  • Send your favorite video, photo, or gif to your favorite fren.

  • Peep that ticks confirming the image was delivered.

  • That's it! Enjoy chatting with your LensFrens.

Quotes from LensFrens

Alright, frens! Here, you'll find exciting updates about LensVerse, influential posts from LensFluencers, critical posts from the Lens team, and much more. You might even find yourself saying, "Wish we shared this ourselves!"

Let's take a look at some influential posts from the past week!

  • Threads Comment from Stani: Threads has quickly gained attention from millions of users as Meta's newly launched app that rivals Twitter, following the limitations imposed on Twitter. Unfortunately, traditional social media users are facing these types of problems. We're lucky to have Lens. Here's Stani's comment on Threads!
  • @cmn__’s Amazing Art: @cmn__ has shared her beautiful artwork and wished frens a nice day. We love your energy, Carla, and you're also very talented in art! Keep going!
  • New Video from @iremer: @iremer has posted a new video about Airstack, which enables you to see all NFT and POAPs with a single tool. Thanks for this informative video, İrem!

And there are many more exciting updates waiting for you in future editions of Lensletter. Stay tuned!


We've now reached the end of the fifth issue of Lensletter. We hope you had a blast reading it because we sure had a blast putting it together! Get ready for an exciting lineup of fresh news, updates, projects, and more in our next issue. Dive into the depths of LensVerse, explore web3 social media, and don't forget to chat it up with your Lens frens!

For feedback, sponsorships, and collaborations, hit us up on our social media accounts below!

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