Mover Roadmap
September 14th, 2022

Mover will be rooted in the Aptos ecosystem, here we share our long-term goals with the community.

Phase1: Go launch

Our dev team consists of experienced Move developers. The team conducted in-depth research into the development of Aptos earlier this year. Mvp version of Mover was also developed at that time and became the prototype of the current Mover.

In Phase 1, we will launch first version of Mover. In this version, the most important components such as Initial NFT Offering, Initial FT Offering will go live. And we are also working tokenomic design.

2022 Q1 MVP

2022 Q4 Mover V1:


  • Raffle corner

  • Tokenomic Design

Phase2: Go Mover

In phase 2, the community will gradually become the owner of Mover. The distribution of Mover Token is an important milestone for Mover to achieve decentralization and community autonomy. In order to protect the rights of community members and users, the fundraising of the project will also be managed by fundraising DAO.

As mentioned in our tokenomic, Aptos holders will have governance right after staking Aptos Token and MOVER token.

2023 Q1 Mover V2:

  • Fundraising DAO

  • Aptos token staking

  • Mover Token Issue

  • Multichain support

Phase3: Go to da moon

Launchpad, is just a beginning. Our goal is to become an asset portal for Aptos community. Intergrated with multiple assets trading and management platform matters for us.

2023 Q4 Mover V3

  • Decentralization complete

  • NFT marketplace& FT DEX integration

  • NFTFI integration

  • API&SDK open source

Aptos Soul-bound Token

Propose a new Mover SBT AIP:

Mover membership NFT and MOVER token synthetic, record all participation on Mover ecosystem(Launchpad+Raffle+DID+NFT marketplace+DEX+NFTFI)

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