Top 10 Turkish Crypto YouTubers

Crypto YouTubers have become pivotal figures in the Turkish cryptocurrency market, serving as essential educators. They provide in-depth insights into the intricacies of the crypto world and blockchain technology. By delivering localized content in the Turkish language, they address the specific requirements of the local audience, ensuring they are well-informed about global developments in the crypto sphere.

In this article, we delve into the top 10 Turkish Crypto YouTubers:

Coin Mühendisi: This channel caters to crypto traders and boasts a substantial following of 458k subscribers. It offers a holistic perspective on cryptocurrencies, including crypto analysis, stock market evaluations, and valuable trading strategies. Subscribers can benefit from a range of educational series that discuss topics such as passive income generation with cryptocurrencies, meme tokens, artificial intelligence, on-chain fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.

Links: Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Crypto Kemal: The brainchild of the Founder of Ninja Squad NFT, Ninja Traders, Ninja Tools, and Ninja News this channel is dedicated to crypto analysis and reviews. It presents a myriad of videos that cover trade narratives, buy-sell tactics, stock market psychology, technical analysis, and coin evaluations.

Kripto Sözlük: Owned by Eren Caner, this channel simplifies Bitcoin for its viewers. It provides a diverse set of videos and tutorials that span topics such as crypto mining, technical analysis of Bitcoin and other altcoins, Forex trading, the US dollar, and foreign exchange rates.

Links: Telegram | Twitter

Kripto Teknik: This channel is a treasure trove of reviews, analyses, and the latest information about Bitcoin and all other altcoins. Tailored for those intrigued by crypto trading, the channel features a range of videos, including altcoin evaluations, economic insights, technical analysis tutorials, and a guide on various crypto exchanges.

Links: Twitter | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcements

Efe Bulduk: A renowned crypto trader, Efe Bulduk helms the Winning Circle, a consortium of adept traders. His YouTube channel is a reservoir of up-to-date and reliable information about Web3, cryptocurrencies, and trading. The channel encompasses a plethora of video concepts, ranging from market evaluations, industry interviews, and technical analysis tutorials, to DeFi, financial literacy, NFTs, and Play to Earn discussions.

Kripto Kurdu: This channel serves as a comprehensive guide, providing information about a plethora of cryptocurrencies. Catering to both novices and advanced learners, it offers tutorials on various cryptocurrency exchanges and detailed guidance on futures and margin trading.

Links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram

Ninja Traders: Recognized as one of Turkey's premier crypto and NFT communities, Ninja Traders offers insights into Bitcoin and altcoin analyses, cryptocurrency updates, financial market evaluations, and commodity analyses. The channel hosts a broad spectrum of videos, from exchange tutorials and market analyses to cryptocurrency news and in-depth education on capital and money markets.

Links: Twitter | Website | Discord | Instagram

Beste Naz Süllü: An active participant in the crypto industry since 2019, Beste Naz offers a diverse content portfolio on her YouTube channel, covering crypto news and educational resources. Her channel encompasses tutorials, live broadcasts, and webinars that touch upon economics, commodities, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Hoodies: Established with the vision of disseminating content and insights related to Web3, NFTs, and Trading, Hoodies has cemented its position as a prominent community in the Turkish crypto sector. Their YouTube channel spans a wide range of topics, including airdrops, decentralized wallet usage, project reviews, and testnets.

Links: Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

Doruk İşmen: As the Country Leader of dYdX Turkiye and Co-Founder of both Lytera and ITU Blockchain, Doruk offers many videos on his channel. Topics covered include the Turkish and global economy, the crypto economy, blockchain philosophy, advanced crypto investments, and DeFi. The channel also showcases inspiring narratives of individuals who have carved a niche for themselves in the industry.

Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | Medium


We appreciate your time exploring this article highlighting the top 10 Turkish Crypto YouTubers. Our aim is to ensure that our readers gain a comprehensive understanding of these influential personas in the Turkish cryptocurrency landscape. Should you have any feedback or suggestions regarding our endeavors, please don't hesitate to contact us at or through our social media channels. We eagerly await your insights.

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