Top 50 Turkish Crypto Influencers

Turkey's cryptocurrency sector has flourished in recent years, marking its profound potential on the global stage. With a rising tide of interest from individuals and enterprises alike, Turkey has carved a niche as a significant player in the crypto world.

Data from Chainalysis highlights an impressive 1,500% increase in Turkish cryptocurrency transactions between 2020 and 2021. [1] By 2022, reports from Triple-a estimate that about 5.5% of Turkey's population, roughly 4.6 million people, hold cryptocurrencies. [2]

Turkish crypto influencers play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the crypto market in Turkey. Commanding substantial followings, they amplify awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, effectively broadening their reach.

These influencers disseminate critical updates, trends, and investment strategies, thereby equipping their audience with the knowledge to become savvy investors. Furthermore, their platforms serve as influential mediums for promoting and endorsing crypto initiatives, thereby magnetizing potential investors. Their insights and counsel guide followers towards making astute investment choices. Importantly, by championing local crypto projects, these influencers bolster the growth potential of Turkey's crypto landscape.

In this article, we delve into the profiles of the top 50 Turkish crypto influencers and investigate the ventures they champion.

Trader & Cryptocurrency

  1. Crypto Kemal: Founder of Ninja Squad NFT, Ninja Traders, Ninja Tools, and Ninja News.

  2. Stevedabitcoin: Stevedabitcoin provides platforms that are beneficial for traders and anyone interested in economics.

  3. Efe Bulduk: Efe Bulduk is a renowned crypto trader who leads the WinningCircle, a group comprising several traders.

  4. 𝓥 𝑭𝒐𝒓 𝑲𝒓𝒊𝒑𝒕𝒐: Crypto Trader.

  5. Jess Coin: Crypto Trader.

  6. Barış Büyüktaş: Founder of Kripto Para Eğitim TR and EVOX.

  7. Emre Torlak: Founder of Eagles Union

  8. Genzo: Crypto Trader.

  9. Kamile Uray: Economist, Financial Analysis Expert, Strategic Management and Planning Manager, Trader & Investor & Educator.

  10. Gökhan Gark: Crypto Trader.

  11. Aytunç Yıldızlı: Founder of Muhabbit and Executive Director at Avalanche.

  12. Beste Naz Süllü: Beste Naz Süllü produces various content about crypto news and informative education on her Youtube channel.

  13. Efloud: Crypto Trader.

  14. Barış Kardeş: Founder of Adwiser.

  15. KriptoFati: Early investor of blockchain and advisor for Web3 start-ups.

  16. Mr. Trader: Crypto Trader.

  17. Kripto Hulk: Crypto Trader.

  18. Cemal The Market Maker: Founder of ChainTrading & ChaiNFT

  19. Volkan Korkmaz: CEO & Co-Founder of Altcointurk and Altcointurk Base.

  20. Heisenberg: Crypto Trader.

  21. Doruk Tiryaki: Founder & CEO of Thunder.

Blockchain & DeFi

  1. Tobby Kitty: Team Leader at Fibrous Finance.

  2. Buğra Ayan: Founder of Web3 Teknolojiler Dernegi.

  3. Tufan Poyraz: Founder of DataPool and Partner of Muhabbit Capital.

  4. Gürkan Senemoğlu: Founder of Hoodies.

  5. Cemil Şinasi Türün: Blockchain entrepreneur, educator, author.

  6. Doruk İşmen: Country Leader of dYdX Turkiye, Co-Founder of Lytera, and ITU Blockchain.

  7. Baki Er: Co-Founder of Lytera.

  8. Orientus Prime: Orientus Prime is a researcher and builder in the field of crypto and blockchain.

  9. Tansel Kaya: Chief Executive Officer of Mindstone Blockchain Labs.

  10. Doğan Alpaslan: Researcher at Opclave.

  11. Remiss: Content Creator at StarkNet Turkiye & Hoodies and Ambassador Argent HQ & ZKX Protocol.

  12. Turan Sert: Advisor to BlockchainIST.

  13. Uğurcan Uğur: Founder of Hoodies.

  14. hitasyurek: Researcher, Content Creator at Hoodies.

  15. Osman Kuzucu: Co-Founder at Omchain.

  16. Talha: Community Moderator at Mina Protocol.

  17. Altuğ Öztürk: Director at Chiliz Labs


  1. Sibel: Co-Founder For the Culture & Ambassador Smurfs Society.

  2. Heathley: Founder of Hoodies & M.Advisor of Dappad Official.

  3. Yetkin: Founder of Hoodies.

  4. White Lie: Founder of Hoodies.

  5. Uykusuz Trader: Co-Founder of BigInt.

  6. Ogichain: Content Creator and Podcaster at Hoodies & Ambassador of Thunder.

Web3 Social & Marketing

  1. Reconnect: Web3/DeFi Enthusiast.

  2. Ali Tıknazoğlu: Community & Growth Manager at Phaver.

  3. Mesut Gülecen: Co-Founder of Kaira.

  4. Bedri Keskin: Growth and business development Soundbank.

Law & Regulation

  1. Sima Baktaş: Founder of GlobalB & Co-Founder of Crypto Female.

  2. Nesibe Kırış: Web3 & AI Tech Policies


We have reached the end of our blog post, which features the top 50 Turkish crypto influencers. Now, you have a more comprehensive understanding of the most influential figures in the Turkish crypto market.

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