How to Launch Your Web3 Project in Turkish Market

The Turkish market offers vast potential for Web3 initiatives. With its tech-savvy, young population actively participating in the Web3 realm, there's a burgeoning user base for Web3 and cryptocurrency ventures.

Recent data from GWI, as of May 2023, indicates that Turkey has risen as the leading nation in cryptocurrency ownership, with a striking 27.1% - well above the global average of 11.9%. Furthermore, a 2022 report from Paribu, a prominent Turkish crypto exchange, disclosed that at least 8 million Turks are deeply engaged in the crypto arena. Many in Turkey champion cryptocurrency as a shield against inflation, a hedge against the national currency's uncertainties, and an escape from corporate constraints. This positions Turkey among the frontrunners in terms of crypto user density.

If you're aiming to penetrate the Turkish market with your project, it's imperative to grasp the nuances of the local scene. In this blog post, we'll uncover essential elements to bear in mind as you orchestrate your venture's debut in Turkey.

  • Utilize the Power of Social Media

  • Organize and Participate in Web3 Events

  • Engage with PR and Media Platforms

  • Interact with Turkish Influencers

  • Explore Turkish Crypto Communities

Social Media

Social media plays a crucial role in launching your crypto project in the Turkish market. It enables brands to reach larger audiences in the Web3 space. In the Turkish crypto ecosystem, investors often prioritize a project's social media presence as one of the initial aspects to consider during their research. Establishing a digital identity on social media platforms is essential in today's digital world, as it allows investors and users to recognize and connect with your project. By effectively leveraging social media, you can directly engage with your target audience, foster meaningful interactions, and build a robust community around your project.

Using social media marketing is a powerful strategy to attract and educate potential investors about your project. It helps in establishing thought leadership, building trust, and positioning your project as an industry leader.

X is actively used by the Turkish crypto community, making it an ideal platform to announce your project, share updates, engage with the community, and stay updated on industry news. Here’s what you can do on X:

  • Share content regularly on social media platforms to keep the community informed about your project's developments and updates.

  • Produce content in Turkish to specifically target the Turkish crypto community.

  • Collaborate with Turkish crypto influencers to broaden your project's reach.

  • Organize community events, contests, and reward-based activities to encourage participation.

Community Building & Management

Discord and Telegram are essential tools for managing Web3 communities. Telegram is particularly popular within Turkish crypto communities, offering groups and channels for project announcements, discussions, and direct communication with community members. Similarly, Discord is favored by many Turkish crypto projects and communities, providing voice and text chat options for effective interaction, project promotion, and community event organization.

In the Turkish market, crypto projects focused on trading often gravitate towards Telegram channels to share trading news and analyses. Conversely, projects centered around NFTs, GameFi, and SocialFi tend to choose Discord channels, leveraging its capability for more detailed communication with community members through various sub-topics.

However, simply creating channels and waiting for people to join isn't enough. There are key aspects to consider. To grow and maintain community engagement, consider rewarding your audience with token incentives, organizing giveaways, and hosting contests. Additionally, exclusive privileges can be offered to active members who join your Discord or Telegram channels, such as creating more intimate, private channels for them. This encourages a closer relationship with your project.

Web3 Events

In the Turkish market, there's a robust interconnection and active engagement among project developers, university blockchain communities, web3 entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. As a result, numerous crypto and Web3 events take place regularly in Turkey, in both physical and virtual formats.

For example, the KriptoCuma event, organized by Altcointurk on a weekly basis, is a notable recurring gathering. During these events, participants from the ecosystem come together to network and share ideas. By attending these events, you can engage directly with the crypto ecosystem, showcase your project, exchange insights, and address questions and concerns in person.

Moreover, hosting AMA sessions, Spaces, and other online events can help you reach a broader audience, effectively disseminate project updates, and tackle inquiries and uncertainties. Such an approach allows you to craft effective strategies for engaging with the Turkish crypto community, while also capitalizing on the benefits of in-person interactions within the ecosystem.

Here's how you can make the most of Web3 events:

  • Engage as a speaker or panelist at meetups and hackathons.

  • Showcase your product in workshops.

  • Win awards or provide prizes in competitions.

  • Attend networking events to connect with industry peers.

  • Participate in afterparties for additional networking opportunities.

  • Establish your brand's marketing presence across all platforms, representing it prominently.

You can follow and participate in these types of events by keeping track of ​​**Kripto Etkinlik**, Meetup, and Eventbright.

PR & Media Platforms

PR and media outreach play a pivotal role in generating excitement, reaching a wider audience, and establishing trust when launching your project in the Turkish crypto market. To accomplish this, it's essential to craft compelling press releases tailored to the interests of targeted Turkish media platforms. These releases should emphasize the key features and benefits of your project, ensuring they are newsworthy and attention-grabbing. Building robust relationships with Turkish journalists, reporters, and influencers in the crypto and financial sectors is crucial for obtaining media coverage. Personalized pitches and direct communications can be invaluable in this effort.

Moreover, capitalizing on speaking opportunities at pertinent conferences, webinars, and events will position you as an industry authority and attract media interest. This approach is especially significant in the bustling Turkish market, renowned for its substantial events. To discover the top 10 PR/Media Platforms actively engaged in the Turkish crypto market and receiving the most website traffic, please refer to the blog post we've prepared.

Influencer Marketing

In the Turkish market, influencers wield significant influence over the community's decisions, including trust and investment preferences in projects. Identifying and engaging with various influencers for potential collaboration is crucial. By offering privileges and opportunities to help them understand and introduce your product to their audiences, strong connections can be forged.

Building positive relationships with influencers is a potent strategy to gain credibility and reach a broader audience in Turkey. Leveraging influencer marketing is an effective approach to raising awareness and sparking interest in your project. Collaborating with influential figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector can amplify your outreach and connect you with their established communities.

To maximize the benefits of influencers and industry thought leaders, start with meticulous research to identify those whose values resonate with your project's target audience. Seek influencers boasting substantial followings and high engagement rates. For a list of Turkey's most active and renowned influencers, including the Top 50 Turkish Influencers and Most Active Turkish Crypto YouTubers, refer to our blog post. When reaching out to influencers, elucidate the advantages of collaborating and lucidly present potential partnership opportunities. Offer exclusive insights, early access to project updates, or opportunities in private sales, ensuring they see the worth in endorsing and promoting your project. Collaborate to produce sponsored content, such as informative blog posts, captivating videos, or impactful social media posts.

Turkish Crypto Communities

Launching a Web3 project in Turkey can be significantly enriched by forging collaborations with Turkish crypto communities. Partnering up provides myriad benefits, including enhanced brand visibility and trust within the local milieu. Engaging with Turkish crypto enthusiasts allows your project to accrue valuable insights and feedback, refining your offerings to match the specific tastes and inclinations of the Turkish audience.

A prime activity to pursue with Turkish crypto communities involves organizing meetups, webinars, and workshops to introduce and elucidate the salient features and benefits of your project. Such interactions not only foster brand awareness but also instill trust and credibility among prospective users. Moreover, courting local investments and nurturing relationships with Turkish investors can bolster the project's enduring viability and expansion.

Collaborating with local influencers and thought leaders can catalyze increased engagement and adoption. Influencers can champion your project to their followers, broadening your reach and augmenting user acquisition. Furthermore, incorporating the Turkish crypto community in beta testing or granting early access can procure invaluable feedback and engender a sense of belonging among early adopters, reinforcing the project's stature in the domestic market.


Our blog post provides an in-depth guide to successfully launching a Web3 project in the Turkish crypto market. By delving into the intricacies of the Turkish market and accentuating pivotal success determinants, you can lay a solid foundation for your project's growth and triumph.

As members of the Eunomia team, we stand ready to aid you by offering the aforementioned factors and more to bolster your project's evolution and prominence in the Turkish market. We invite you to share your thoughts or give feedback on our project. Contact us at or connect with us on our social media channels!

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