Top 10 Crypto PR/Media Platforms in Turkey

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is experiencing rapid adoption and evolution. Staying informed about these developments is essential for personal growth and making enlightened investment choices. In this context, media platforms are invaluable in delivering this knowledge.

In this blog post, we highlight 10 PR/media platforms in Turkey that cater to different needs within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Continue reading to discover these platforms, the sectors they cater to, and the visionaries behind them!

  1. Koin Bulteni | Twitter | Website | Youtube

  2. Kripto Para Haber | Twitter | Website | Instagram

  3. Uzmancoin | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube

  4. Altcointurk | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Telegram | Youtube

  5. Muhabbit | Twitter | **Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Telegram | Youtube **

  6. KoinMedya | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

  7. Blockchain Turkiye | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Youtube

  8. CoinDesk Turkiye | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube

  9. KoinSaati | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Youtube

  10. Coinkolik | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube

Koin Bulteni

Koin Bulteni Established in 2017, Koin Bulteni is a pioneering crypto information platform. It delves into the intricacies of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins, and also explores blockchain technologies both in Turkey and globally. Many industry frontrunners regularly follow Koin Bulteni, and the platform offers an expansive collection of articles and reviews to its audience.

Koin Bulteni's mission is multifaceted: to monitor global news and translate it for the Turkish ecosystem, elevate cryptocurrency awareness in Turkey with a team attuned to evolving needs, and stand as a premier platform that guides investors with impartial reviews and answers to all their queries in the domain.

Kripto Para Haber

Since its inception in 2017, Kripto Para Haber has risen as a premier cryptocurrency news platform in Turkey, significantly aiding the growth of the cryptocurrency realm. It serves its readership with the freshest updates on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, altcoins, and expert insights into the crypto space.

Kripto Para Haber extends a range of services catering to the diverse facets of the cryptocurrency sector:

Hot Ecosystem News: Kripto Para Haber delivers up-to-date news on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and related events.

Bitcoin News: With a specialized focus on Bitcoin, the platform provides coverage on its price trajectories, market dynamics, adoption trends, and technological leaps.

Altcoin News: For those keen on the broader crypto market, Kripto Para Haber brings news and insights on the myriad of alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins.

Expert Analysis: Readers can gain perspectives from seasoned industry insiders and analysts featured on the website.

Educational Content: Recognizing the importance of informed investment, Kripto Para Haber furnishes educational tools that span from beginner guides to in-depth tutorials, ensuring that users acquire a comprehensive grasp of cryptocurrency fundamentals and its underlying technology.


Established in 2017 by visionaries Burak Kose and Ceylan Arslan Kose, Uzmancoin has emerged as a leading online hub for news concerning Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Recognized as one of Turkey's most frequented cryptocurrency news websites, Uzmancoin is committed to delivering thorough news reports, empowering readers with the knowledge necessary for well-informed investment maneuvers.

Uzmancoin rolls out a plethora of services and features tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain:

Hot Ecosystem News: Comprehensive updates on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and the dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

Educational Content: For those seeking foundational understanding or deeper insights, Uzmancoin offers content elucidating the basics of cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, and associated topics.

Investment Insights: Delving into the investment side of things, Uzmancoin dispenses analyses and insights, assisting readers in charting their investment paths.

Events and Updates: Stay abreast with the latest happenings, from conferences and seminars to other events pertinent to the cryptocurrency and blockchain spheres.

Reviews and Guides: With a wealth of reviews and guides on a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency-related commodities and services, Uzmancoin ensures readers are equipped to make judicious choices, be it selecting wallets, exchanges, or other pivotal crypto tools.


Established in 2016, Altcointurk emerged as a trailblazing Web3 community in Turkey, born from the collective curiosity of individuals eager to delve into the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. The brainchild of Volkan Korkmaz, sharkcrypto, and İsmail Kucur, Altcointurk is staunchly committed to championing decentralized technologies and fostering active participation in the Web3 landscape.

As time unfurled, Altcointurk seamlessly melded the digital with the tangible. Initiating connections via online events and a robust social media presence, the community transitioned to orchestrating real-world meetups christened "KriptoCuma (CryptoFriday)". Through these CryptoFriday gatherings, Altcointurk didn't just mirror the pulse of the crypto scene in Turkey – it influenced it.

In a pioneering move, Altcointurk unveiled the Altcointurk Trader Base located in the heart of Kadıköy, Istanbul. This initiative, accessible to all, pioneers an avant-garde global concept.

Beyond these feats, Altcointurk extends its proficiency in offering consultancy services and product sales, catering to cryptocurrency exchanges and intricate blockchain projects. This is backed by their profound industry acumen, a sprawling professional network, and unmatched expertise.


Established in 2017, Muhabbit stands as a pivotal platform disseminating news, insights, and in-depth analysis centered around the blockchain and crypto sphere. This initiative was birthed under the visionary leadership of Aytunc Yildizli, Ethem Barış Öztürk, and Mehmet Ozdemir.

Boasting a passionate and skilled team, Muhabbit curates some of Turkey's most distinguished blockchain and cryptocurrency news. Its overarching vision is clear: to pave the way for accurate and transparent information flow, enabling young enthusiasts to familiarize themselves with groundbreaking notions like blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

A glimpse into Muhabbit's multifaceted offerings includes:

Hot Ecosystem News: Sharing comprehensive updates on blockchain, other crypto, and Web3 projects.

Interactive Sessions: Regularly hosting chat and Q&A events, bringing industry stalwarts into direct dialogue with the community.

Education: Conducting complimentary educational sessions and creating avenues for learning from industry luminaries.


KoinMedya has carved its niche as Turkey's preeminent news and content-centric cryptocurrency bulletin. With roots tracing back to a cryptocurrency endeavor initiated in December 2013, KoinMedya was brought to life under the adept leadership of Feridun Yilmaz, Mikail Gökmen, and Yuksel Barha.

Serving as a centralized hub, KoinMedya presents users with up-to-the-minute news and content encompassing the vast realm of cryptocurrencies. On KoinMedya, users can immerse themselves in a world of curated news and content, staying abreast of real-time crypto dynamics.

Blockchain Turkiye

Spearheaded by the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV), Blockchain Turkiye is founded on principles of independence and commercial impartiality. The organization's primary objective is to foster a sustainable blockchain ecosystem within Turkey. Through its efforts, Blockchain Turkiye aspires to address the challenges inherent in contemporary business models, empowered by blockchain technology.

With a vision to champion the broad-based adoption, comprehension, and application of blockchain technology in Turkey, Blockchain Turkiye delves into exhaustive research to illuminate the myriad benefits of the technology and outline strategic imperatives. In pursuit of this vision, Blockchain Turkiye:

  • Educates through seminars, certification initiatives, and academic publications.

  • Hosts a diverse range of events, encompassing workshops, conferences, and panel discussions.

  • Generates a rich tapestry of content, from news articles and guest contributions to interviews, while also managing a dynamic presence across digital platforms.

CoinDesk Turkey

Recognized as a powerhouse in the evolving sphere of financial transformation and the burgeoning crypto economy, CoinDesk stands as a beacon for a vast global audience dedicated to these revolutions.

As the official Turkish extension of CoinDesk, one of the world's premier media and content platforms, CoinDesk Turkey symbolizes a trusted and authoritative content hub. It serves those eager to comprehend and leverage the metamorphosis unfurling within the decentralized realm, the financial sector, and the broader business landscape. Its offerings encompass news, comprehensive analyses, insights, research, events, and a diverse range of content.

To cater to its audience, deeply vested in the decentralized world, the transformation of the financial system, and the rising crypto economy, CoinDesk Turkey curates a plethora of services:

  • News and Updates: CoinDesk Turkey delivers pertinent news, chronicling the latest breakthroughs in cryptocurrency assets, blockchain innovations, and financial sector evolutions.

  • Consensus Magazine: This publication transcends mere headlines, offering a nuanced view of the crypto and blockchain universe. It amalgamates investigative journalism, expert columns, and investor-focused research.

  • In-depth Analysis and Insights: With a lens focused on the intricate facets of cryptocurrencies, blockchain dynamics, market trajectories, regulatory shifts, and investment prospects, the platform serves a rich tapestry of analyses and revelations.

  • Research Reports: CoinDesk Turkey crafts detailed research reports, navigating specific segments within the crypto and blockchain arena, ensuring its audience stays abreast of nuanced insights and critical data.

  • Events: A stage for dialogue and discovery, CoinDesk Turkey hosts live events, ranging from conferences and seminars to workshops, creating a confluence of experts, thought leaders, and aficionados.

  • Podcasts and Live Streaming Shows: Diving deep into the myriad topics enveloping cryptocurrencies and blockchain, these auditory and visual offerings shed light on the transformative impacts on the financial fabric and diverse industrial sectors.


Founded in 2020 by visionaries Devran Yildirim, Caner Ok, and Baris Hocaoglu, KoinSaati stands as a dynamic platform dedicated to media, marketing, networking, and consultancy services.

At its core, KoinSaati is driven by a mission to disseminate knowledge about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, fintech, and other revolutionary financial domains. Through this platform, they aim to bolster the understanding of blockchain, fortify financial literacy, and bring trailblazing perspectives to the industry.


Established in 2016, Coinkolik stands as an independent beacon in the dynamic world of digital finance, offering insights into the future of money—spanning cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized applications. With a commitment to providing current news, in-depth price analysis, and the latest trends in the crypto and blockchain landscape, Coinkolik is enhanced by expert viewpoints and discerning commentaries from the digital currency realm.

For those intrigued by the myriad facets of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized applications, Coinkolik rolls out a rich tapestry of services:

Pulse on News: At Coinkolik, readers can find up-to-the-minute news articles detailing the freshest developments from the pulsating heart of the crypto, blockchain, and decentralized application universe.

Voice of the Experts: Offering more than just news, Coinkolik brings to the forefront the perspectives and commentaries of seasoned professionals deeply entrenched in the crypto community, illuminating the complexities of the digital finance world.

Navigating Price Fluctuations: With its finger on the market's pulse, Coinkolik provides meticulous price analyses, dissecting the trends and trajectories of various cryptocurrencies. This section is a treasure trove for those keen on gleaning insights into price dynamics, intricate technical analyses, and the myriad factors swaying the crypto market.

A Nexus for Enthusiasts: Coinkolik is not just a news portal—it's a thriving community. The platform invites crypto aficionados to engage in discussions, exchange viewpoints, quench their curiosities, and bond over shared interests.

Deep Dive into Knowledge: Recognizing the thirst for knowledge in this ever-evolving domain, Coinkolik offers an array of research materials, educational content, and resources, empowering individuals to deepen their crypto and blockchain comprehension.


Navigating the blockchain and cryptocurrency world can be hard, but having a reliable guide makes the journey significantly smoother. Through this blog post, we aimed to be that guide, shedding light on some of Turkey's foremost media platforms dedicated to this dynamic and ever-evolving sector.

Thank you for accompanying us on this enlightening journey. We sincerely hope the information shared not only enriched your understanding but also stoked your enthusiasm for the boundless possibilities within the blockchain and crypto landscape.

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