Incentives for existing players for deployment to zkSync Era

Upon deployment to zkSync Era, the following incentives will be offered to existing players.

Rare Egg NFTs Presale White List

The presale offers a 30% discount on the launch price.
It will be sold at launch for the equivalent of 100 USD.

The number of units sold:
1,000 units (You can purchase up to 2 units per account.)

ETH     Holding more than 5,000 TP
BSC     Holding at least 3 Birds at level B or above

Epic Egg NFTs Sale White List

Price: Equivalent to 500 USD

The number of units sold:
100 units (You can purchase only 1 unit per account.)

ETH     Holding more than 30,000 TP
BSC     Holding at least 5 Birds at level B or above

Distribution of Locked zkTWT

We will distribute Locked TWT that can be used on zkSync TwitFi as follows.

ETH     Distribute Locked TWT in the amount of one-tenth of the TP you hold.

BSC     Distribute Locked TWT five times the amount of TWT that the birds you hold earn in one tweet.

Conversion of TP to Locked TWT

You can convert your TP holdings to Locked TWT.
The conversion rate is 1 TP = 1 Locked TWT.
70% of the TP you hold is the maximum you can convert.
Once converted, you will not be able to unstake for 7 days.

Add Beans to TP-Shop

Beans can be purchased for 7,500 TP.
Only one can be purchased per day.
The sale may be closed without announcement.

Other Giveaways

Giveaways may be offered based on TP on ETH and birds held on BSC. Please wait for future announcements for details.

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