Roadmap as of April 1, 2023

TwitFi roadmap as of April 1, 2023, is as follows. Subject to change without notice. Please wait for an announcement from the official Twitter account for details.


April 2023

  • zkSync Launch

  • Breeder NFT

May 2023

  • TGT Issuance

  • Bird Level S

June 2023

  • Social Game

[Multi-Chain Expansion]

TwitFi will be expanding its ecosystem as a multi-chain platform, using ETH as the hub. Our goal is to reach various communities across multiple chains, allowing more people to enjoy TwitFi.
We are planning to expand into zkSync Era as our next chain. We aim to launch zkSync TwitFi in April.

zkSync Era has been gaining attention due to the increase in Total Value Locked (TVL) and high expectations for future growth. It offers various features such as fast and affordable transaction processing, a user-friendly environment, and ERC-20 token support. Based on its anticipated growth, we have decided to expand into zkSync Era.
More details, including incentives for existing players, will be announced at a later date.

Additionally, TP earned through ETH staking can be converted into locked TWT on each chain.

[Dual Token]

In addition to TWT, we will issue a new token, TGT (tentative name), with a limited supply.
We plan to include an allocation for initial airdrops to the community such as ETH and BSC TwitFi players. TGT will be offered in a pre-sale and will be required for in-game use and certain upgrade costs.
TGT can only be deposited and withdrawn in ETH, but can be used in games from chains other than ETH.
Token holders will have governance rights, enabling them to vote on TwitFi's operational guidelines. We plan to issue TGT by May 2023 and aim for its future listing on CEX.

[Breeder NFT]

We will issue 1,000 limited edition generative NFTs on ETH. The number of NFTs may be subject to change or additional releases. We plan to begin minting in April.
Owning a Breeder NFT will provide advantages in the game. While they will be issued on ETH, they can be utilized in games from other chains as well.
Staking Breeder NFTs will allow you to mine TGT tokens. Additional features will be introduced over time.

[Social Game]

Game participants will be randomly assigned to teams, with each team receiving a designated hashtag. Reactions to tweets containing the designated hashtag, such as retweets, replies, and likes, will be scored. The level and characteristics of the bird will affect the scoring. After a certain period of time, the scores will be counted and the winning team will be awarded TGT tokens.
We plan to launch the social game in Q2 2023.

[Bird Level S]

Breeder NFT holders will have a chance to upgrade their Level A birds to Level S. By paying a certain fee in TWT, Level A bird characters can be changed.
With a 95% probability, the bird will transform into one of the existing Level A characters, and with a 5% probability, it will become a Level S bird. The rewards per tweet for Level S birds will be significantly higher than for Level A birds.

Each Level S character is unique, with only one of its kind and a total of 500 for each chan in existence. The probability of obtaining a Level S bird will be halved for every 10 Level S birds released. We plan to implement this feature by May 2023.

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