TwitFi NFT Presale on BSC

We will hold the NFT Presale on BSC (BNB Smart Chain) as follows.

NFT Presale

From March 11, 2023, for 48 hours
First come, first served. Ends upon being sold out.

Rare Egg NFT
After the launch, we will offer every account that purchases a Rare Egg NFT in the Presale a level C-E vaccine item and two medicine items.

Entry requirement:
Only white list holders can enter.

40 USD worth of BNB
After the launch, it will be sold for 50 USD worth of BNB.

Total 2,600 units
In addition to this, we will also sell Rare Egg NFTs in collaboration with our partners.

Purchase Limit:
4 units per account

White List

  • We will whitelist accounts that have at least 100 TP* in TwitFi on ETH.

  • In addition to the standard whitelist, we offer a guaranteed whitelist.

  • Guaranteed whitelist holders can enter one hour prior to the start of the Presale and purchase up to two NFTs during that period.

  • We offer a guaranteed whitelist to accounts holding 6,000 TP or more.

  • We are also planning to hold other campaigns offering whitelists and guaranteed whitelists, so please await the announcements.

    *TP is the points you earn by staking unlocked TWT in TwitFi on ETH. 1,000 TWT staked will earn you 0.1 TP per hour.


  • T-Points at your address on ETH will be reflected on the BSC side and can be used to shop at TP-Shop on BSC.

  • Other detailed specifications will be announced as needed.

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