TwitFi 2.0 Changes

TwitFi 2.0 will be launched on January 22 at 11 am UTC.
The changes are as follows. Not all changes will be made at once, some will be made at a later date.

Name Change

Change WIthdrawable Balance to Unlocked Balance.

Decrease in Earn power due to virus infection
The amount of TWT earned is reduced by 2% per virus infection.
If a bird earns 50 TWT per tweet, in case it is infected 3 times, it will earn
50 * 2% * 3 times = 3
50 - 3 = 47 TWT per tweet

TWT Consumption
The costs of item purchases and mystery basket openings will be paid from the Locked Balance.
The costs of mints, upgrades etc. will be paid from the Unlocked balance.
The purchase of Eggs will be paid in ETH.

Beans Mint
The mint cost will be 5,000 Unlocked TWT.
Level D or above birds can be used for Beans Mint.

Refreshing Water
The number of virus infections will not change even if water is given.

Egg Mint Cost
The mint fees will be paid in the Unlocked TWT. This is to be determined by the price of the Rare Egg NFT. The prices are as below.
When you mint the Egg NFT, you get Beans with a certain probability. If either of them is level B, the probability is 5%, and if both of them are level A, the probability is 20%.

Herbs are items that reduce the number of virus infections.
Pink herb reduces the number of virus infections to zero and Green herb reduces them by one.
In order to get the herb, you need to burn one bird NFT without TWT fees, and the level of the bird NFT determines the probability of getting it. The probabilities are as below.

Challenge to turn locked TWT into unlocked TWT
You can challenge to turn 10,000 locked TWT into 10,000 unlocked TWT.
1 in 3 chance to succeed and become unlocked TWT. If you fail, the 10,000 locked TWT will disappear.
You can challenge up to 3 times a day.

The following Unlocked TWT is required to raise the NFT level.B - A: 24,000
C - B: 12,000
D - C: 5,000
E - D: 1,500

Additional bird slots
You can earn TWT with 11 or more bird NFTs.
The slots can be purchased in Locked TWT. 11 - 15 for 5 slots at 50,000 TWT 16 - 20 for 5 slots at 75,000 TWT 21 - 25 for 5 slots at 100,00 TWT thereafter can be purchased in the same way.

One month has passed since the launch and we have seen many things, including some unexpected ones.

We hope you understand that we will need to make large-scale improvements to reflect these findings and to ensure sustainability in the future.

Thank you.

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