FAQ for TwitFi

Question 1. I canceled my withdrawal, what happened to the withdrawal fee?

Withdrawal fees will be deducted from the withdrawable balance. It will be refunded in 10 - 15 minutes if you cancel it.

Question 2. Any withdrawal fees for withdrawing items?

Yes, it will be on everything you withdraw, including items, eggs, and birds.

Question 3. I have made a withdrawal request but have not received my TWT.

Answer. It may take 20 - 30 minutes depending on the network's busyness.

Question 4. What about the feed amount when the birds are imported?

The amount of feed for all birds to be imported will be zero.

Question 5. What about the required days to the next level when I import the birds?

The day of import is the first day of the waiting period.

Question 6. I cannot swap it with ETH in Uniswap.

A selling commission of 4.5% will be charged when selling TWT on the DEX. 2.5% is burned and 2% is added to the DEX liquidity by the smart contract.
Please change the Slippage in Uniswap.

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