Bootlegging a DAO Solution to the Metacrisis

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around and let me introduce you to a group of fine DAO brewers, the likes of which have never been seen before. These sharp-witted individuals have got their heads screwed on right and are working tirelessly to create custom Moloch v3 DAOs that are the bee's knees. Yes, we are Bootleggers, but instead of smuggling illegal hooch, we’re concocting cutting-edge community technology. We operate in the shadows with the skill and finesse of a speakeasy proprietor to shake up these dark times with revolutionary ideas and fearless execution. So raise a glass and hear our slightly slurred story.

Cats and dames - gather round for a tale that hits on three high-proof percolating points:

  1. Moloch is one mean, no-good enemy that the metacrisis-savvy web3 crowd needs to get in line against.

  2. The Moloch story gave birth to the Moloch DAO contracts and the DAOhaus crew, who are dedicated to keeping the brass polished and top-notch.

  3. To beat the multipolar traps and human coordination flubs that plague us all, the metacrisis crew needs to band together and empower their fight with a Moloch v3 DAO.

Moloch as a 1920s Appalachian bootlegger making moonshine in an alchemical still in the style of Hieronymus Bosch 👹
Moloch as a 1920s Appalachian bootlegger making moonshine in an alchemical still in the style of Hieronymus Bosch 👹

Well folx, you might not know that Moloch is a lesser Canaanite/Carthaginian god who demanded children as sacrifices in exchange for success in war, a tale of trading tomorrow for today. This legend became part of cultural references such as Allen Ginsberg's Howl, before being picked up and transformed into a thought experiment by Scott Alexander in his blogpost Meditations on Moloch. Soon enough, ol’ Owocki and Soleimani took up this idea and adapted it for the web3/DAO community during an early Bankless conversation, where it quickly gained steam and became a foundational alignment target for the whole ecosystem - even Daniel Schmachtenberger himself is in on it!

Say, let me tell ya a little bit about the history of MolochDAO - it all started at ETH Denver 2019 when the first MVP DAO structure was launched to combat the tragedy of the commons. Around that same time, DAOhaus stepped up and launched Pokemol to make it easy-peasy for anyone to summon their own Moloch DAOs. Fast forward a year, and DAOhaus v2 dropped, expanding the UI and contracts to offer even more flexibility and versatility to DAO architecture. Then, Moloch Mystics - a group made up of top-notch brains from across the Moloch ecosystem - launched Moloch v3 (code name Baal) at MCON 2021. v3 took things to a whole new level, opening up the architecture for a ton of new integrations and expanding the composability of the whole thing. Now, DAOhaus + Moloch v3 are focused on creating a developer-friendly open source SDK while also continuing to improve their own metagovernance methods to help solidify these public goods for the Ethereum community.

DAOhaus is an infinitely composable SDK library that unlocks our DAO design superpowers 🧱
DAOhaus is an infinitely composable SDK library that unlocks our DAO design superpowers 🧱

Ya know, Spencer Graham has produced some swell work on DAOhaus, mulling over the mighty potential of Moloch DAO communities. Moloch DAOs are resistant to capture, you see, and an Anticapture Framework is essential for efficient, action-oriented decision making, something that's equally significant for socialist organizations to ponder on, just as much as the lunarpunk shadow slingers. Because, you know, digital democracy/governance isn't just about making decisions, but taking action as well. Moloch DAOs have plenty of noteworthy properties that relate to the horizontals of the Metacrisis conversation. These properties branch out into various governance patterns, addressing any and all necessities of a community. The latest Moloch/DAOhaus v3 has more composable features than ever, stacked on top of the same proven contracts, put together by the same community since day one. DAOhaus utilized the Moloch framework for our own fundraising, sourced from the community, and came up with new crowdfunding primitives to encourage communities and projects to bootstrap themselves. Because what we believe determines how and what we buidl. That's how the metacrisis is going to be resolved, by standing united and achieving great heights together (and havin’ some good ol’ fashion fun while we’re doin’ it!).

The metacrisis is a hyperobject representing the convergence of numerous sub-crises ⚠️
The metacrisis is a hyperobject representing the convergence of numerous sub-crises ⚠️

As chronicled on the Metacrisis forums, the horizontals/generator functions encompass:

  • multipolar traps

  • coordination failure

  • plausible deniability

  • perverse incentives

  • rivalrous dynamics

  • information asymmetry

  • moral hazard

  • exponential growth and embedded growth obligations

Kindly permit us to endeavor to concisely speak to these factors from the stance of DAOhaus’ continuous experimentation with Moloch DAOs.

Multipolar Traps / Perverse Incentives

The issue ain't the competition itself. What we need is to construct governance systems that flip the multipolar trap "race to the bottom" into a commons preserving "race to the top." DAOs foster strong collective comprehension that lets us "raise the sanity waterline" for the entire ecosystem, to harness game theoretical mechanics that steer our communal pursuit towards alternate incentives.

Coordination Failure / Rivalrous Dynamics

We's steadfast in the conviction of Practical Pluralism and pluriversal designs. We's see 'em as the keys to unlockin' our ability to rise above coordination failures. Through the framework of Moloch DAOs, we's able to program our values straight into our currency and use DAOs to align our economic values as a collective. The tales we spin for ourselves and the world oughta be harmonious, paintin' a clear and mighty picture of the true value we're bringin' to the table.

Plausible Deniability

DAOs are the new frontier for unlocking a potent era of digital democracy. With the help of the blockchain, our governance can be secured with unshakable integrity and consistency. By transitioning from discordant and dissonant exchanges in muddled forums to on-chain ratification, we can enable self-determining individual actions and decisive collective progress.

Information Asymmetry / Moral Hazards

This is a grave issue not exclusive to the DAO scene, but rather a behemoth that necessitates potent collective sense making instruments such as DAOs. The web3/DAO domain is not immune to the same moral quandaries that ail our society at large, even though we do reckon they provide the most promising avenue for remedying these complex socio-cultural predicaments.

Exponential Growth

“We are carefully and deliberately designing our transitions.” Being pressed to scale without consideration of community need or sensitive timings is like “putting irrigation in the desert.” We need to first ask ourselves how are people aligned? What reality are we building into?”

Well, there you have it, folks - a veritable feast of information on the power and potential of Moloch DAOs, brought to you by none other than the wiley eyed Bootleggers. We's proud to be at the forefront of this cutting-edge movement, and we's ready to put our expertise to work for you. Whether you's lookin' to design, build, consult, or receive support for your very own v3 DAO, we's got you covered. So, if you's ready to take your organization to the next level, don't be a sap - contact Bootleggers today and let us help you shine!

Don’t forget to support our MetacrisisDAO Moloch v3 Build Proposal on the Gitcoin grants QF round! Ends May 9th, 2023 23:59 UTC!

Cheers! (glug glug glug)
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