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  1. What is Spring Xcelerator?

  2. What Can You Expect at SpringX?

  3. More Than an Accelerator: A True Founders’ Network

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What is Spring Xcelerator?

What Can You Expect at SpringX? More Than an Accelerator: A True Founders’ Network Why SpringX? Apply Now What is Spring Xcelerator? Spring Xcelerator (also as SpringX) is a Web3 startup accelerator initiated by BuidlerDAO, joined forces with 3 visionary institutional investors and 13 distinguished project founders.

SpringX S0 Founder Network
SpringX S0 Founder Network

SpringX 01 Network SpringX is not merely a launchpad, but an ecosystem for growth. At SpringX, we are committed to providing early stage Web3 entrepreneurs with startup fundings, structured curriculum and guidance, and a resourceful network of industry pioneers.

Our diverse roster of 14 experienced project founder advisors span the spectrum of Web3’s most critical domains, encompassing multiple regions from North America to Asia-Pacific, and beyond. The makeup of founder advising team covers all stages of a full startup journey from angel funding to token issuance, imparting invaluable global market insights and hands-on entrepreneurial experiences. Our trio of investment partners is dedicating $20 million to the SpringX accelerator program, offering a golden gateway for promising graduates of the program to secure vital investments.

SpringX is not just an accelerator, it is a vibrant ecosystem and network of diverse talents and innovative ideas. We see ourselves as the architects of connections and collaborators, bolstering entrepreneurs during the precarious early stages of their ventures.

What Can You Expect at SpringX?

Comprehensive Resource Services — Overcoming Funding, Growth, and Talent Challenges

  • Our three esteemed investors have collectively dedicated a total of $20 million in the funding pool, presenting a pathway to investment for our program graduates.

  • Hundreds of project teams, university organizations, developer communities, KOLs, and high-value user communities come together to foster collaboration and catalyze project launches.

  • An open community comprising thousands of researchers, developers, and operations experts offers valuable insights and talent recruitment support for project development.

Global Outlook — Breaking Through Growth Barriers and Pioneering New Emerging Markets

  • SpringX extends its influence across 5–8 pivotal cities worldwide, where a 3-month immersive program unfolds. The program facilitates the understanding of local regulation and policy, and establishes connections with local partners and resources.

  • Regular discussion panels and discourses with founders of prominent and trending projects keep you updated to the latest trends and technological advancements.

Structured Experiential Learning — Learning from Success and Avoiding Pitfalls

  • A 3-month immersive in-person curriculum that navigates two key themes: Project Development and Founder Growth, which will be articulated through in-person sharing sessions by our seasoned initiators and founders.

  • Tailored workshops address specific challenges faced by the enrolled projects and insightful 1-on-1 “Soulbound Talk” mentorship sessions with our expert advisors.

Curriculum topics include:

  • Project Development: Product Innovation, Tokenomics Design, Brand Storytelling, Globalization Strategy, Growth Strategy, Community Building, etc.

  • Founder Growth: Strategic Decision-Making, Team Management and Recruitment Strategy, Fundraising Strategy, business English Training, etc.

More Than an Accelerator: A True Founders’ Network

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of the brave, yet the path can be a lonely one.

At SpringX, “Founder helps Founder” is not a mere slogan; it’s a lived reality. Here, you are not just anybody; you are a co-creator of a remarkable journey. You become an integral part of a network where you can find the answers you seek. Each cohort of SpringX alumni becomes a fellowship that accompanies you on your lifelong voyage.

Initiators and S0 Alumni

The 14 project initiators of SpringX are all leaders in their respective domains. Among them, four have already achieved successful token issuance, seven have secured over $10 million in funding, and eleven are strategically positioned overseas, covering various sectors from infra and social protocols to DID, security, GameFi, DEX, media, and community development. Their inception dates back to 2018, weathering the storms and surges of market cycles.

  • Founder-Driven: Our initiators are seasoned serial entrepreneurs who deeply understand the needs and challenges of entrepreneurship, dedicated to addressing real-world challenges.

  • Deep Connections: Our commitment to mentorship goes beyond the confines of the classroom. We emphasize deep, meaningful, and extended in-person interactions, including group activities and 1-on-1 discussions, fostering deep relationships among participating founders.

Mutual Support and Ascent

Web3 projects inherently share structural similarities and the potential for composability. We all stand at the starting line of this burgeoning industry, collectively confronting shared challenges and forging strong bonds. We value deep communication and collaboration, which is why we host semi-annual cohorts, selecting only 10 outstanding projects from across the globe every 6 months, offering them unparalleled support.

  • Shared Interests: To strengthen our connections, tokens contributed by each cohort of enrolled projects create a shared token pool.

  • Forging Bonds: Our 3-month multi-city programs and events create over 10 days of in-person interactions. Your peers from the same cohort will become your closest allies in the years to come.

Participants and Co-Creators

We have nurtured a dynamic community where the community builders have already embarked on tokenomic model research, organized Hackerhouses, and established global nodes, constantly evolving and building. Project teams are integral to this evolving ecosystem.

  • Resource Sharing: Initiators and partners span various domains, offering comprehensive support, including code audits, financial risk management, API services, ZK technology support, and omni-media channel marketing.

  • Community Governance Rights: Enrolled projects will become vital contributors to the BuidlerDAO network, gaining access to BuidlerDAO’s token pool, participating in governance, and contributing to development decisions.

SpringX is a builder network that embodies the very essence of what founders truly need. We create an ecosystem of diverse talent, knowledge, experience, capital, and the bonds of friendship that not only enhances the project’s odds of success but also establishes a platform where the act of connecting dots becomes a symbol of limitless potential and boundless opportunity.

Why SpringX?

Spring, as a pivotal transition between seasons, symbolizes the dawn of new life and renewed hope. Following the harsh “winter” of challenges and uncertainty, we all yearn for the return of prosperity, akin to the full bloom of summer. Spring also embodies notions of emergence and leaps, mirroring the journey of growth and development that entrepreneurs embark upon.

In the name of SpringX and together with you, we are poised to spring forth with innovative ideas, courageously taking leaps toward a brighter future.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sequoia China YUÈ Accelerator, SeedClub, and Alliance DAO. They stand as dedicated pioneers and exemplars of the art of acceleration, from whom we have gleaned invaluable insights.

Apply Now

Apply if you are:

  • A Web3 entrepreneur at the seed to A-round stage, or you may possess a compelling idea that you are preparing to implement it

  • Regardless of direction, field, age, gender, or background

Apply at:

Apply now:

  • Until October 19, 2023

  • The course starts on October 27, 2023, and lasts for 3 months.

Admission Capacity:

  • A select group around 10-15 individuals will be chosen.

If you have any questions, contact us at Telegram: @frankmiao_bd

or via email : apply@springx.net

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