The Mutual Love Crowdfund - Funding LGBTQ+ Creators

What are we building?

Mutual is the NFT marketplace and web3 ecosystem centering and celebrating trans and queer creators and culture-makers and participating in mutual aid.

Our vision is to build generational wealth, access, and intellectual ownership and equity on-chain for trans and queer folks, in partnership with our trusted allies. We imagine thriving and abundant trans and queer creators, ecosystems, and communities. The blockchain is a tool to help make that happen.

We’re launching our chosen family and friends round to fund the creation of our platform, ecosystem and team.

Who are we?

We’re Anuva Kalawar (he/him) and Alex Guerra (he/him), Brown trans co-founders with over 15 years as creators, curators, entrepreneurs, and community builders amplifying global LGBTQ+ ecosystems, digital access, and creator equity.

To date, we've raised over $200k in direct action mutual aid for gender-affirming care (hormone therapy, surgery, etc). Most recently, we produced a community-led fundraiser that raised over $100,000 in 24 hours (our goal was $24k in 24 hours).

We have built communities, and community-led brands that have had lasting impact on the future of well-being, inclusion, culture, and intellectual equity for LGBTQ+ folks.

We are also artists, curators, and creators ourselves with years of creating, organizing, and amplifying fellow creators and understanding the nuances of creator-led and community-led initiatives.

Blockchain technology is facilitating a new future of ownership and equity and it is essential that queer and trans founders are part of the narrative from the beginning.

We are building a platform that will encourage ownership and equity for trans and queer creators while sustainably supporting building access and generational wealth. We’re building for the long-term.

If not now, then when?

What’s it in for you? Our Chosen Family + Friends Round:

The time to make the future of internet, culture, and art inclusive, equitable, safe, and stewarded by trans and queer folks is now. We believe in the power of true allyship as a means to co-create a more loving, just, and healing society that we all deserve. Your support is meaningful.

With the purchase of one of our NFTS you receive:

  • Our gratitude and appreciation ❤️‍🔥
  • An early access pass to our launch 😎
  • An invite to our launch party 🤫

All art pieces are from Anuva’s “Floating Faces” collection, a body of work over 15 years in the making. We appreciate your support of trans artists and founders of color :)

Season 0 - What the crowdfund will help us build:

  • Team build & foundational company operations
  • Community / ecosystem build
  • Product build
  • Launch

Spend what you can to support to support Mutual Love and you’ll be a mutual for life. We take our chosen family seriously and we are grateful for our trusted allies.

in Community,

Note: The $MU tokens are purely for fun at this time :)

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Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.