who am i?

nilknahs ma’fckaaaaa! tbh this sounded way funnier in my head lol but i’ma let it rock.

If we’re being honest, who am I is a boring question. A more interesting question is why am I. Why am I doing this? Why am I minting my photos as NFTs? Why am I using this method to catalog my work? Why go through these lengths at all? The answer is simple, because I want to.

I’m a photographer figuring out how to innovate & evolve. Trying to break through & level up my bag. For a while now I often felt like my relationship with the medium has been love/hate. I love photography and love using it as my form of expression, but man I can’t stand how we consume it. I’m sure this is a familiar feeling that other artists sometimes battle with nowadays too (shoutout 2 social media amirite), but mindlessly feeding the machine leaves me feeling empty.

Feeding into the “creator economy” grind can be annoying because you have to be your own everything---at the expense of the algorithm. Nobody loves it, yet it’s damn near the backbone of the internet. So for me, posting my photography on social media was never really satisfying or fun. With that said, I figured I needed to try something different.

I’m gonna come clean, discovering NFTs has inspired me to take photos again. Yes, it’s true. It may sound corny but it is what it is. People may have their opinions about the subject, but my experience with NFT culture has been pretty interesting. I’ve made some decent trades here & there, made some bad trades here & there, met some cool people & communities, and overall just enjoying the creative energy that comes funneling with the culture. However, my envision for NFTs and their potential to unlock digital media is what inspires me the most to use this technology as a tool with my photography.

Minting my photos as NFTs helps me keep track of stuff, opens a new avenue of monetization, allows me to innovate my creative ecosystem, and enables me to interact with other artists & collectors.

Overall I’m slowly realizing the potential all of this stuff holds---and if I build it they will come at least that’s what I keep telling myself lol.

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