🤝 Kinto Launch Partner Program

Kinto is an Ethereum-based blockchain that has been designed from the ground up to provide a safe and compliant infrastructure for financial applications. Kinto requires all users to be KYC’ed to send a transaction. That does not mean Kinto is permissioned. Nobody can grant access to Kinto; only users themselves can get access by completing KYC.

Kinto remains a permissionless, open, decentralized, and credibly neutral infrastructure. Our mission is to empower DeFi/fintech developers to unleash a new age of efficiency, 24/7 access, and financial freedom.

This post invites fintech and DeFi developers to partner with us and build on Kinto. We will explain how Kinto can empower developers to build compliant and frictionless financial applications.

Why Kinto

Kinto provides three unique value propositions for developers:

⚙️ On-chain compliance tooling to create money legos that meet regulations and counterparty requirements. KYC/AML/KYT/KYB and accreditation checks are available natively on Kinto. Easily allow/restrict assets based on jurisdiction and/or accreditation directly on-chain.

Check out our previous post to learn more about our KYC capabilities and interact with the demo.

💳 Sybil-resistant blockchain with higher security guarantees against smart contract hacks, frauds, and scams. Since many of these assets already require identification, government-issued IDs give us robust proof of personhood with the same guarantees as Tradfi.

🧙 Invisible crypto UI/UX. Thanks to native account abstraction, users won’t know they are interacting with the blockchain while remaining the sole owner of their funds through non-custodial wallets. A frictionless UX is needed to rival fintech applications like Robinhood.

Julian from Argent covers this topic really eloquently here.

As an L2 rollup, Kinto will also offer higher throughput and cross-chain tooling to compose your application with the leading money legos that are already available on Mainnet, like Aave, Uniswap, or Lido.

You can read more about all the benefits and features of Kinto in our documentation.

🎯 Target: RWA Applications

Kinto provides the perfect infrastructure for real-world asset (RWA) protocols. Here’s how we solve their top challenges:

🧱 Composability. Right now, RWA assets cannot be easily composed with each other. Within Kinto’s rollup, asset issuers can create composability between assets with the same compliance requirements.

💰 Access to institutional capital. Institutions can finally interact on-chain while still being able to tick all their compliance needs. Counterparty requirements can now be easily satisfied.

🗺 User Network Effects. Right now, different RWA protocols on mainnet have different solutions to satisfy their KYC/AML. Users are forced to complete a unique process to use each and every one of these protocols. Inside Kinto, once a user has KYC’d, she can reuse her identity in all the other products that are available in the network.

🎟 Launch Partner Program Benefits

Becoming a member of our launch partner program would unlock exclusive benefits and support for your application. These include:

**1. Early Access — **Be among the pioneering entities to utilize the extensive capabilities of Kinto’s platform.

2. **Exclusive Perks — **Receive rewards for your early commitment and participation.

3. Institutional Investor Pipeline Access — Get exclusive access to our institutional investor pipeline, opening up potential strategic partnerships and funding opportunities.

**4. Promotional Support — **Gain enhanced visibility as your application/protocol will be prominently featured in our launch marketing efforts and dashboard.

5. Dedicated Technical Support — Assistance from our dedicated technical team during your application/protocol development & deployment.

✍️ Build the Future of Finance

If you’re ready to build the future of finance on Kinto, apply to join our partner program here:

Stay tuned — we’ll be announcing our launch partners soon! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to get the latest updates.

The best is yet to come!

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