How to instantly transfer your AELIN from Optimistic Ethereum to Mainnet Ethereum

We’ve partnered with Celer Network to allow Aelin holders to instantly transfer their AELIN from Optimistic Ethereum to Mainnet instantly.

Instant Method - Celer Bridge -

STEP 1: First make sure you’re connected to Optimistic Ethereum. Go to and add Optimistic Ethereum (Chain ID = 10) to your wallet if you are not.

STEP 2: Visit the Celer Bridge at Celer Network Fast Bridge Aelin L2-->L1

Once here, you will be greeted with a UI that looks like the above. Ensure that you are both connected to Optimism and that you are transferring from Optimism to Ethereum Mainnet

STEP 3: Approve the Celer Contract to transfer your AELIN tokens. Wait a few seconds for this transaction to approve.

STEP 4: Input the amount of AELIN tokens that you would like to transfer and then hit TRANSFER. Please review the fees.

Make sure to type the number of Aelin like the following example:

Ex: You have 0.01 AELIN tokens → You would input 0.01

If you do not place the zero, to begin with, the Celer UI will give you an error message.

What’s next? Now you can earn juicy staking LP rewards from your Aelin on L1

Farm our AELIN/ETH Pool 2 on ETH Mainnet - Aelin/ETH Pool 2 Mainnet Guide

We’ll be distributing 50 Aelin for the first 30 days to incentivize this (above) pool, which is approximately $1.9M

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