AELIN/ETH Uniswap Pool 2 on Ethereum Mainnet

ETH Mainnet Uniswap Pool 2 (AELIN/ETH) rewards will begin today at 11pm UTC. While this guide has been provided early, the UI will not live until 10pm UTC.

We’ll be distributing 50 Aelin for the first 30 days to incentivize this pool, which is approximately $1.9M

This guide assumes that you’ve already bridged your AELIN tokens from Optimism ETH Mainnet.

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STEP 1: Make sure that you’re connected to Ethereum Mainnet.

STEP 2: Add Liquidity on Uniswap V2 ETH/AELIN

STEP 3: Approve the Aelin staking contract to stake your ETH/AELIN LP tokens. Ensure you are connected to Ethereum Mainnet (see top right of your screen)

Click the approve button shown in the picture below.

STEP 4: Wait a few minutes for STEP 4 transaction to confirm, then deposit your tokens into the staking contract. Refer to the picture below!

STEP 5: That’s it! You’ll begin receiving your AELIN rewards immediately.

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