NFT Gated Pools & ETH Lizards Gated Verified Pool

Aelin is excited to announce its newest feature, NFT Gated pools. Sponsors and protocols can create pools that only non-fungible token (NFT) collection holders may access. Instead of an address-based whitelist or a deal that is open to the public, sponsors may now create pools specifically for one or multiple NFT collections.

This feature opens up a world of possibilities for projects looking to raise funds. Remember all those POAPs you distributed to early users of your protocol? Put them to use by selling protocol tokens to your earliest users at the same discount and lockup as VC’s with a few clicks on Aelin.

But that’s not all; what if your project has a special relationship with a particular NFT project? Set aside a certain amount of tokens to discount and sell directly to holders of ETH Lizards, Bored Apes, or Cryptopunks.

These NFTs can only be used once to enter a pool, like any real-world entry ticket, and pool creators can set a max investment per NFT owned.

NFT’s now serve as your entry ticket into gated fundraising pools on Aelin. The possibilities are endless, and we’re beyond excited to see how projects utilize them.

Before anything else - What is Aelin?

Aelin is a permissionless multi-chain protocol for capital raises and OTC deals. It allows anyone to raise capital for their project or an OTC deal and to seek out investors.

Investors can use Aelin to find early-stage projects/deals with discounts that they would’ve never been able to access before Aelin.

The purpose of Aelin protocol is to allow protocols to raise money from the community instead of a small number of VCs. However, which community are you raising from when using Aelin? The answer is not always clear.

Allocating deal tokens to holders of specific NFT collections will allow protocols and DAOs to target specific groups of investors, which can improve the process of building and growing their community.

By serving NFT communities, Aelin hopes to start a new trend of protocols providing seed deals to these communities.

ETH Lizards - First verified Aelin NFT Gated Pool

ETH Lizards have a deep history within the Ethereum community, and Aelin is beyond excited to give lizard holders access to a verified Aelin pool. All holders of ETH lizards will have access to investing in Muse Group, an exciting protocol connecting crypto with creator communities.

Deal Terms - ETH Lizards & Muse Group

Don’t worry; if you forget to accept or decline the deal your investment tokens will be returned.

Here’s how the investment flow will work based on if you accept or decline the deal:

  1. If users invest and accept the deal terms —> They will receive Muse Group tokens which will begin vesting at the deal terms provided by Muse Group.
  2. If users invest and then decline the deal terms by withdrawing —> They have their original investment returned to them.
  3. If users invest and then do nothing, thus missing the deadline —> They may withdraw their original investment at any time and have it returned to them.

Learn more about Muse Group on their website below

View the Muse Group investor pitch deck below

How to invest in the ETH Lizards Aelin Pool.

Pre Requisites: You must own an ETH lizard on Ethereum mainnet.

Step 1: Head to the

Step 2: Go to the verified ETH Lizards Pool - LINK. You’ll be shown a page similar to the one below. Click “Select NFT,” then proceed to Step 3

Step 3: You’ll now see all your NFTs; click on the NFT you’d like to use as your entry ticket into the deal. Note- Each NFT ID can only be used once to enter the pool. Be careful to check if the ID is eligible before buying an NFT to participate.

Any Questions?

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