Aelin new feature: Direct Deals

Aelin is excited to announce that its newest feature, Direct Deals (AELIP 19), is now live. Direct Deals allow a pool to be created with deal terms already included, allowing investors to invest and accept the terms instantly.

Past deals on Aelin have already announced their terms in advance and have requested this feature to remove friction. It’s anticipated that this feature will allow Aelin to function more like an on-chain OTC platform with more customizable options.

Direct Deals for Investors and Protocols


  • Investors can instantly accept the deal terms without going through an additional step.

  • Investors have a reduced chance of missing out on the deal.

  • Protocols know precisely how much capital they will receive.

  • Protocols can set minimums to ensure they receive at least a base level of capital if the pool doesn't receive the anticipated support from investors.

  • Aelin is more capital efficient, as direct deal timelines can be much shorter with fewer steps.

  • Aelin is more customizable and can function more like an on-chain OTC platform.

Direct Deals were a heavily requested feature from investors and protocols because they greatly simplify the process of using Aelin.

Investors are now provided with the exact deal terms in advance and are allowed to accept them without the need for additional transactions days later. This reduces the chance of investors forgetting about the next step (deal acceptance) and missing out on the deal altogether.

Protocols now have complete confidence that all capital coming into the pool has already accepted the deal. They do not need to worry about large capital outflows deflating their initial optimism. Furthermore, protocols will have even more control surrounding the deal terms as they can now set minimum raise requirements to ensure they are receiving a minimum level of capital.

Overall, Direct Deals comes with plenty of benefits and adds to the overall customizability of raising on Aelin. This makes the platform even more attractive for investors and protocols alike.

How to Create an Aelin Direct Deal - Created for protocols

The most noticeable change in the Aelin UI is present right on the banner, and this is how you’ll start the process of creating a Direct Deal for your protocl.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to and click “Create Deal”

Step 2: Fill in the details for each step

Step 4: Confirm that all deal terms are correct, and finalize the creation of the Aelin Direct Deal

Step 5: That’s it. You’re done!

New Smart Contracts

Direct Deals require the addition of two new contracts:

  • AelinUpfrontDealFactory: Same function as the original AelinPoolFactory contract except it will instantiate a new type of pool.

  • AelinUpfrontDeal: Contract for the new pool with the upfront deal.

Any Questions?

Any additional questions? Head to the Aelin Discord to learn more about creating a Direct Deal.

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