Decentralized Vouching

All wallet addresses can now vouch for pools, giving their vote of confidence.

What is vouching?

Vouching for pools is a way for users to express their opinion that a pool is trustworthy and they are who they claim to be.

Why Vouch?

Vouching gives investors the ability to see who supports pools. Pools with great connections now can showcase them. This feature was added to help prevent fraud and should provide investors with additional confidence regarding the legitimacy of pools they are considering investing in.

For example, if a pool claims to have association with a DAO, how do you know they're telling the truth? Many investors will rightfully be skeptical as the DAO wasn't the pool creator. Giving the DAO the ability to prove the legitimacy of the pool by vouching for the pool on-chain to clear any doubt that they're associated.

There's also the benefit of a cleaner UI. Users can now share a link that brings investors directly to a dashboard page that shows pools filtered by a specific voucher. This clears all other pools from the dashboard view, leaving prospective investors with a straight-forward and simplified experience.

How to Vouch?

Users can go to the main pools page and click on the pool they would like to vouch for. Once on a specific pool’s homepage there will then be a section titled “Vouch for this pool” which has a "vouch" button below. Users can click the “vouch” button to sign a low cost transaction to add their wallet address to the list of supporters who have vouched for the pool.

An example on where to find the vouch button
An example on where to find the vouch button
An example to show the addresses that have vouched for a pool
An example to show the addresses that have vouched for a pool

What to look out for with vouching?

Beware of spoofed accounts such as vital!k.eth. Even if a reputable ENS addresses or DAO vouches for a pool, that doesn’t mean they are endorsing it for you to invest in. Every investor needs to do their own due diligence before investing. Vouching is not a buy signal, it’s a signal of trust in the legitimacy of the pool. Any wallet can vouch for a pool, there are no whitelisted addresses.

What are the next steps of vouching?

A customized UI for certain vouchers! We are working to customize the UI to show the branding of repeat projects/users who bring in a large number of pools (e.g. Ethlizards). If a user filters to show pools that they have vouched for, the UI will change to a format and brand they're familiar with!

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