Aelin is live on Arbitrum

Aelin is excited to announce that it's now live on Arbitrum with the implementation of AELIP-39. All of Aelin's fundraising functionality, which has lived on Optimism and Ethereum Mainnet to this point, will now be available on Arbitrum.

For that that don't know, Arbitrum is a "layer 2" environment on top of Ethereum's mainnet. It is an optimistic roll-up, which means that it can benefit from Ethereum's security while providing significantly cheaper transaction costs and much faster execution time.

This means Aelin's permissionless capital raises are now available to more users on another ethereum scaling solution. Many protocols have expressed interest in raising on Arbitrum, and Aelin is excited to be the infrastructure these protocols use to raise much-needed funds.

What is Aelin?

Aelin is a permissionless multi-chain protocol for capital raises and OTC deals. It allows anyone to raise capital for their project or an OTC deal and to seek out investors.

The purpose of the Aelin protocol is to allow protocols and sponsors to raise money from their community in two primary ways:

Aelin Direct Deals - Aelin Direct Deals are for new and established protocols looking to raise capital from investors at pre-established deal terms. Aelin Deals allow for customizable features, such as a defined vesting period and a vesting cliff. These can also include NFT gated features as well, for protocols wanting to gate off their deal to particular NFT holders

Aelin Pools - Aelin Pools are for protocols/sponsors that don't have set deal terms yet but are gauging investor interest. Pools are best suited for protocols without a set target valuation and sponsors using Aelin to source a future deal. Aelin Pools are most similar to SPACs.

Aelin boasts the usage of some of these custom features to help protocols and sponsors raise capital:

  1. NFT Gated Pools - Protocols can decide to gate off their token raise to holders of specific NFT collections will allow protocols and DAOs to target specific groups of investors, which can improve the process of building and growing their community. Customizability goes as far as allowing NFT holders to purchase a certain amount of deal tokens

  2. Custom Allow List (100k addresses+) - Protocols may want to reward many addresses with custom allowance amounts to access their upfront Aelin deal. Protocols or large holders can run an off-chain script to generate a CSV file with several hundred thousand addresses and custom amounts based on each wallet's activity level onchain or any logic the protocol desires.

  3. Customizable Vesting Options - Aelin allows protocols to define the vesting options, such as the cliff, vesting time, and so on, to ensure that projects align their incentives with investors precisely as they see fit.

  4. Predetermined Deal Terms - Aelin allows you to set an exact exchange rate to present to investors, allowing protocols to raise on Aelin without fear of market forces changing the terms of their deal. This helps Aelin act more like a large on-chain OTC deal, preferable to protocols targeting specific valuations.

Why is Aelin deploying on Arbitrum?

Would you like the short answer or the long one? Haha.

Short Answer - The Aelin Council, Aelin's governing body elected by its AELIN token holders, debated and voted on AELIP-39:Deploy Aelin on Arbitrum, which passed and has now been implemented.

Long Answer: Due to the growth of the Arbitrum network and the demand from more than one protocol to launch on Arbitrum, Aelin is launching on Arbitrum. Aelin is a multi-chain EVM project, and Arbitrum is a great place to expand as it is a great growing Layer 2 that values its protocols and users by creating an environment for protocols to thrive.

Aelin is excited to be able to host many new protocols and users from Arbitrum, and we can't wait to see what the future for Aelin on Arbitrum is

How do I use Aelin on Arbitrum?

That’s super simple - Just connect your wallet to the Aelin UI and connect to Arbitrum in your wallet, or use the provided dropdown. That’s it!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to join the Aelin Discord.

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