Terms of the Aelin Token Deal

The Aelin Council has prepared the terms of the Aelin Token Deal.

The Deal terms are as follows:

Max Investment Tokens Accepted - $1.2m sUSDTotal Deal Tokens - 842.3AELIN Exchange Rate before Incentives: $1424 sUSD per Aelin (7-day average Aelin Price)Incentives Distributed: 866,963 OP Tokens to those that accept (distributed shortly after the deal is completed)Cliff - 6-Month Cliff for Aelin TokensVest - 6-Month Vest for Aelin Tokens

All deal terms will be presented in the UI.

Timeline for Investors

Round 1 Acceptance Period - 24 hrs

  • Investors will be able to accept or decline the deal during this period. Round 2 Redemption Period - 24 hrs from the end of Round 1

  • If you max out your allocation in Round 1, you're eligible to participate in Round 2

  • In Round 2, you may redeem the remaining Pool Tokens for Deal tokens up until you have used all your funds or the deal cap has been reached.

Investor Next Steps

Head to the Aelin Token Pool https://app.aelin.xyz/pool/optimism/0xe361ac500fc1d91d49e2c0204963f2cadbcaf67a

Decide if you'll accept or decline the deal based on the presented terms.

a) Accept - If you've accepted the deal, wait until Round 2 to decide if you'll participate b) Decline - If you've declined the deal, you'll receive your funds

That's it! More information will be posted as deadlines are approaching.

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